Thursday, February 24, 2011

What's wrong with you? I'm PREGNANT!

So the last few weeks I've been getting a little anxiety. Baby Girl's room is naked. I haven't ordered any furniture. I haven't ordered her bedding. There is nothing on the walls. Up until last week I didn't even have clothes for her. After our appointment a couple of weeks ago, he told me after the 28 week appt, I would be going every 2 weeks. WHAT?!?!

It was starting to hit me. She was going to be here soon....from the way my heart felt it might as well have been tomorrow. I've got a lot of fellow facebookers and hospital buddies that are all due around the same time, and I keep hearing they have ordered this or that....I haven't done POOP!

Tom & I went to T-town this weekend. The weekend's agenda had two purposes.
1.) Take my 4runner so my wonderful Daddy could sell it with his bad ass trustworthy salesman magic. :)

I'm getting a new "MOMMY" car!!! YAY!

No it's not a mini-van. No offense to my fellow mini-van mommies out there (HI MY FABULOUS SIL! HEE HEE) but I will NEVER ever drive a mini-van. Never. Ever.

This is what my new ride is supposed to look like.


  Baby Girl (ITS SO DANG HARD NOT TO TYPER HER NAME!!) will be riding in style. I absolutely LOVE my 4runner, so before I drove her into the ground, we decided to replace her with a new one.  The "new one" has been a bit of a thorn in our side, but that's another post in itself.

2.) The Second reason for a T-town trip, besides getting to see my family who I miss so much....I NEEDED HELP! I could  not make a flippin decision to save my life. I was bound and determined to get bedding, a crib, and the rest of her furniture purchased THIS WEEKEND!

After a mild break down on the couch with my Mom and sweet Honey, a bit of a larger breakdown in the middle of Cold Stone Creamery's parking lot, and a not so much of a/but could have been one over a homemade ice cream sundae.......WE DID IT!

The best part of all the tears is that with every break down I ended up laughing so hard because all I kept thinking is "Whitney, you have lost it. Prego hormones have taken over and are winning!" Also the fact that my family, especially my wonderful (yes I know I say it a lot, but he really is amazing) husband still love me after all the tears (still hilarious) is pretty awesome.

Literally, The Honey is saying "Baby, what's wrong?? What happened?" on the phone while I'm standing in Cold Stone's parking lot. All I can muster out is a meek quivering "I'm just pregnant. Nothing is wrong, I'm just pregnant."  HA! He then made my Dad rush out of Lowe's like I was in labor to get to me ASAP. :) He's gonna be such a good Daddy.

The first breakdown I'm pretty sure I threw out there a "I just want to take care of her. I'm so scared she's going to be sleeping in the dresser drawer!!!!" all whilst snot is everywhere because as soon as I said I couldn't help but realize how silly I sounded and started giggling.  I'm only putting all these on here because I know I'm not the most rational person these days and I want to look back one day and pee my pants for another reason than a sneeze! :) If you can't laugh at yourself, then you take life WAY to seriously!

This was my life saver one night when Mom saw a little quiver in my chin leading to MORE water works:
Yes that's Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla with Samoa Girl Scout Cookies and M&Ms.  Yes my Mom is THE best. SORRY!

So as of today, we now have a car ready to be sold, a new one on the way, a new crib, dresser, glider, and BEDDING! :) It was a scary weekend, but my troops got me through. (Insert singing angels and golden lights)

Here's hoping this week I don't need an emergency ice cream sundae or have to call my husband to come pick my blubbering ass off some random parking lot curb. :)

I hope you have a blessed week.
Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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