Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nesting like a little bird!

So I woke up yesterday wanting to get out in the BEAUTIFUL sunshine! I went and ran errands with my Dessy Doo and got a ton of things to help organize a few nook and crannies around the house.

Our linen closet and "my" drawer in our bathroom were a disaster!!!! So I got a few baskets and a a jewelry organizer and this is what I did....

 I wish I had taken a before picture!! I did fill up a whole trash bag of stuff to get rid of! YAY! I also organized a drawer in our kitchen. It felt so good!! Now If I could just get going on Baby Boff's room.  I can't make a freaking decision on anything!! We're going to TTown next weekend, so hopefully I'll get a little help from Mom & Jenn and get something ordered.

Speaking of nesting....this going to be baby girl's nursery theme.

BIRDS! :)  Birds and maybe owls too...

No I didn't buy all of these things, just went to Hobby Lobby & got some ideas. I LOVE THAT PLACE!

I also found these things that I loved for her room. I might love TJ Maxx as much as I love Hobby Lobby. :)

For organizing goodies

Such a cute lamp!

I got some cute jammies! I love finding clothes that look like it will be easy to slip on her. I have a lot of anxiety about putting on baby clothes....probably because my nephew had such a huge head, and it was always a production to put clothes on his sweet knot. :)

Please excuse the lame pictures....I really really miss my iphone4. :(

On another note, here some really precious lame photos. :)

Baby Boff @ 22 weeks. 
 I having such a hard time not letting her name slip, but I think it's fun that we're going to keep it a secret! :)

These two are soooo pathetic, but oh so cute.


Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. haha ur comment was hilarious -- security system is NOT a bad idea! to be honest -- i havent even thought of that! haha -- BIRD HOUSES ARE AMMMAZING!! that is going to be toooo cute and CANNOT wait to hear the name! ahhhhH!

  2. love all of the nursery decor! love the "theme" too.. there is so much good bird stuff out there these days!

    And i'm not sure how I feel about the name being a secret! I wanna know!


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