Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hunky's Birthday

It's The Honey's Birthday WEEKEND! :)

I'm sorry but I love birthdays....growing up, Mom & Dad always made us feel so special "on our special day." So it's only natural that I love everyone else's birthdays too!! It's your special day ALL DAY, and if you're with me, I'll make sure you celebrate for as many days as I can squeeze out of everyone!

 Thursday night I made reservations at Fleming's at the Domain. Tom loves steak, so it was the perfect place.

We got all dressed up and headed out in the freezing cold and "snow." The ''snow" I speak of.....a light dusting that everyone freaked out about. I was disappointed it wasn't more, but it was pretty icy. Any who, we get to the resteraunt and there's a sign on the door. "Closing early, due to imminent weather."

WHAT?!!? At this point, there were like 10 flakes. Maybe. Your closing early because of something that hasn't hit nor is it supposed to until midnight!

Come to find out, I had actually made the reservation at the downtown location and didn't realize it. So therefore if they hadn't been closing early, we could have eaten there. There was almost a pregnant girl in tears. I wanted to make honey's Birthday special...and I messed it up!!!

    The honey being so fabulous, like always, said, " Come on. We'll go somewhere else. Other places have steak, Love."

    We walked to Joe DiMaggio's Piano Bar & Grill.


    Oh the tears are coming any second.

    "What about Jaspers??"

    We have never been to Jaspers. Its a backyard gourmet grill. It was open. IT seemed super nice....and lets face it, it was warm.

    Such a cool place. Neat atmosphere! The food...AMAZING!

    We shared one of my favorites. A wedge salad. YUM!

     I got the special for the evening: Grilled shrimp, butternut squash ravioli, with a pesto sauce. Tom got a steak of course!!! He actually got the ONLY rotisserie grilled prime rib in Austin. :) So THERE! IT WAS SPECIAL! But no seriously, maybe the best steak I've ever had in all my life. AMAZING!

    I was a little nervous about going out to eat. Last week we had gone to one of my favorite Mexican resteraunts, and I had to run to the bathroom in the middle of dinner....I had gotten sick earlier in the morning also. I'm guessing Baby Boff is growing or something, because she's been making Mommy sick all week AGAIN! However, just for her Daddy's Birthday she let Mommy enjoy it with him in piece. :) Thank you!

    Yesterday, I made Tom take me to the grocery (WITH ALL THE AWFUL WEATHER! HA). I needed to get some goodies to make a HOMEMADE New York Style Cheesecake. I stole it from my wonderful SIL, Amanda, because Tom said that was what he wanted.

    Well what Hunky Hubs wants on his birthday, Hunky Hubs gets! :)

    No,  this is not his hunky face. :)

     I had read the recipe before, thank God, so I knew he was going to be an all afternoon project. After the fact, I realize I should have done it the day before. That thing was a B! It was a lot of fun because I got to use all my wedding goodies, but I MADE A MESS! At one point, I was making the strawberry topping... I had to process the jam to make it smooth. ended up all over the walls, the floor, the coffee maker, and my big belly (which seems to catch everything these days!). It was a sight! Then my stupid oven wouldn't get hot it took like 45 minutes longer to cook. So we were a little late to family birthday dinner celebration at BIL & SIL's. Thank goodness they love us and didn't mind! :) Getting to play and love on Abby & Matthew made it totally worth it.

      So needless to say, I've been trying really hard to make his birthday special, and there have been several hiccups...thank The good Lord that my husband is patient and can make me laugh! No telling what the rest of the weekend has in store.

      Today we're going to piddle around the house and get ready for the Super Bowl tomorrow night.  We talked about going to the Texas Star's hockey game in Cedar Park, but we haven't decided yet.   Whatever it is we do, WE WILL CONTINUE THE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!! :)

      Lots of Love,
      The Boffs

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