Monday, February 28, 2011

24..errr 25 weeks and 3 days.

I totally forgot to get hubs to take a picture of the 24 week belly. Blame it on the preggo brain. Here's a 25 week and 3 day pic. :)

Miller seems to think she must pose in front of the camera. She looks like she's saying "Is this my good side?"

I hate taking pictures by this is what you get. Dear sweet Lord I'm ready for my blonde hair again.  

Today we went to the neonatologist again. Originally weren't even going to have this appointment, but to just keep on the safe side he decided to see us again. It was fun seeing her sweet face. This time we got a 3D photo!!! I've always thought they were pretty freaky, but I think she was protecting me....she had ALL FOUR limbs in front of her face. Yes, like a ball. She's literally a circus monkey. Wonder if we'll get paid the big bucks for her one day. :) I KID I KID!  We did get a sweet pic of part of her face and what looks like her giving us the peace sign. I told Tom, "See! I told you she was going to be a hippie!" (Just like her Momma!)

 For a run down of what's going on go here. So to sum it up... She looks fabulous, but her stomach is still on the small side. She's in the 35th percentile...which isn't bad. If she was less than 10% we would be really concerned. She's just not a very round fat baby, and off course I LOVE FAT BABIES

.... but we'll love our little bitty one just the same. It's just one of the risk factors with the two vessel umbilical cord. I also married a bean pole and my little tush is having a hard time gaining the it's not helping. She is 1lb and 7 oz. which is right about where she should be.  I gained another pound in the last two I have two weeks to gain 3 more until I see my regular OB.   Low weight gain is another risk factor for pre-term labor. So I'm really trying. I want to her to bake for a long while longer.

We also did another ECHO, saw the cord, and the rest of her head to toe....she looks great and her heart sounds like music to our ears. She kept opening her little mouth & it looked like she was saying "Hi!"  It was just so good to see her of course. We just love her so much.

So like I said we really didn't think were going to have to go back after this visit, however he decided he wants to see us for the rest of pregnancy. So I was kind of disappointed he didn't say "WOW! She looks great! Good Luck!" but very grateful he takes his job seriously and wants to make sure our little baby girl is in good hands. So at this point we're going to a doctor every two weeks the way our appointments are spaced. FUN! hahaha

Back to work this week. I've been getting so tired by the end of my 3rd 12hour shift, so I hope it flies by.
A little nurse humor. I LOVE LOL CATZ!

Have a great week!
The Boffs

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