Thursday, January 13, 2011

A White Christmas.

So we just finished all of our Christmas this weekend. We finally got to do my side of the family in Ttown...and the best part! WE GOT SNOW!!!! It was so beautiful and a certain puppy dog had a blast!

 It was such a great trip. I've been really homesick lately, but I'm sure the hormones don't help. :) I did get a lot of R&R in! :)

These two always have a great time together. 


My sweet Uncle Ben gave me a bottle of wine for Christmas. MEANIE! 

Ag & Miller wanted to play Farkle too. 

 Now is time for the Miller montage. :)

My most favorite little man. 

My "Prego Momma" snow woman...that Kason named Mr. President. ??????

I never posted many posts from the Boff Christmas. (SO FREAKING BUSY!) However, here are a few.

So since we just finished Christmas....I just took down our decorations. Sweet Lord, I have so much! :) Plus I bought more in Texarkana this weekend. Lovely. Oh well. I do love the holidays, and it makes me oh so happy. However The Honey and the 10 Christmas bins he will have to put in our attic.....ehhh.....he may not enjoy so much. 

So we're back to work again this week. BOO! However it'll make the week pass by quickly, because WE GET TO FIND OUT THE GENDER OF THE BABY WEDNESDAY! WHOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO! 

I'm only a wee bit excited.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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