Sunday, January 30, 2011

Reminiscing over my poor iphone4

My iphone went maybe an inch of water. MAYBE! The scenario in which it happened is just nutty, but anywho I won't bore you with the  story, or my SMALL hissy fit. Baby Girl heard her fair share of dirty words. In my defense, as my precious understanding husband pointed out, it was RIGHT before our specialist appt for Baby Girl. A LITTLE anxiety may have played a role in the horrific language and me actually hitting a wall (no worries, I didn't do any damage!)....and having to talk myself out of breaking something. Prego hormones? Possibly. HA!

Thankfully we had The Honey's old 3GS laying around, so I didn't have to buy a new one...however I miss my iphone 4. Spoiled?? I know. :(

So I love taking picture with my phone, and my 3GS doesn't take the greatest. So I'll reminence with some random photos I recently took with my beloved 4.

So I love the Beatles. Santa brought me a super awesome puzzle for Christmas!

The puzzle was actually really hard, which I LOVE! I'm thinking I need to go out and find a new one. 

Pot stickers at KONA GRILL!

Red River Roll at Kona Grill 
My virgin Bloody Mary at Kona.

 So one of my favorite restaurants is Kona Grill at the Domain. They're Happy Hour specials are AWESOME, and their drinks and sushi are delicious. I've been craving sushi, so Tom & I decided to go on a date while we still can. The Red River Roll was actually something new I tried and it was all cooked. I LOVED IT! I also love their pot stickers and they have have THE best bloody mary's...besides Trudy's of course. It being virgin, it wasn't AS good, but it was still wonderful.

My two loves sleeping in bed. This makes me go pitter patter. 

18 weeks (I think).

So this is my friend, Cara's cubby, at work. Her poor bell pepper was so shriveled. It makes me giggle.

All of our Christmas finally packed up.

So these little rubber savers. I use them on most of my jeans. :) I'll have to wear maternity eventually, but  for now....these will do!

My new buffet with a few decor items on them. I love the green!

My sweet loves again. Miller has no sense of personal space, but its cute. 

So I took a picture of this with my iphone, but never got a chance to upload it. This is my newest amazing purchase. 

I'm having a really hard time sleeping. This thing has helped me get a few more hours in the last few nights. 

You know me in my randomness. Here is your share of it for a while.

Lots of Love!


  1. ryan and i got a beatles puzzle for christmas too! it is two-sided with albums on back and the white cover on front -- i think my sis got it at books-a-million so ck there!! we finished it on snow day and glued it together!

  2. If you start feeling overwhelmed about what to buy for the baby or what to do, the Baby 411 book and the Baby Bargain book were lifesavers. Even as a healthcare provider, I use the Baby 411 book because hey, I take care of adults not children. Helps answer those random questions, like is blue poop normal?

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