Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm sorry....I'm halfway there?!??

So this is a 20 week belly.

...sometimes I look at it and go Good Lord you sprouted over night...and then sometimes I can't seem to find it. :) We laugh at work because by the end of my 12 hour shift....there it is again!!

Baby Girl is very wiggly these days. It's pretty fun. Tom is able to feel her occasionally, but he's not patient enough to feel her very often. My favorite are sometimes I can lay flat on my back (for a short period of time of course) and her little head or butt push up and it looks like there's a little alien in my belly!!!!!!!!!!! WEIRD!

On my last post I left out a little information. Tom & I talked and decided that we didn't want to tell everyone just yet. We didn't know all the specifics, we promised we wouldn't look up anything on the internet, and I definitely didn't want to hear Susy Know-It-All's Horror Stories about her mother's cousin's, neighbor...Plus working in healthcare I know plenty of nurses who, again,  know all sorts of awful stories.

So at our 20 week appt I was super anxious anyway. Yes that's when we find out the sex...but its also where you check the anatomy of the baby and make sure everything is "ok". Being in healthcare and knowing so many sweet mommies who have had a difficult time at THIS appointment, I knew anything could happen.

So an umbilical cord has three vessels. Two arteries and a vein. Out of utero, people like you and me: Our veins carry in un-oxygenated blood and the arteries carry out oxygenated blood. Babies in the womb, its the exact opposite. So babies are supposed to have two arteries carrying unoxygenated blood through out the body, and that one vein that carries it out.

Our baby's umbilical cord/lifeline only has two. One artery & one vein.

Now if Baby Girl had other anomalies then it would be scary, because essentially with decreased blood flow you worry about the development of all the organs: heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, skin, etc. Baby Girl looked to be within 2 -3 days of her projected growth rate, which is a good thing. Everything really looked perfect, except the umbilical cord.

So we were sent to see a neonatologist, which is a specialized newborn baby doctor. Worst case scenario we would see him and my regular OB until the birth of Baby Girl. We saw him on Friday. We did a more in depth ultrasound (Which was fun getting to see her again and her circus monkey moves!) and an echocardiogram. The echo is an in-depth look at the heart that determines how the blood flows through the chambers and valves.

We got to see that the cord does in fact have two vessels. So with everything else looking perfect they investigated her growth. They  measured her head, abdomen, and femur (thigh) bone. These three are the major areas where if there was any growth restriction noted, we would see it here. Her belly was a bit small, but nothing they seemed all too concerned with. So with everything looking "ok" our biggest worry will be growth restriction....she may be a smaller baby.

I'm going to be honest, I've been super nervous I was going to have to push out an 9lb pot roast.... now maybe not. :) We will go back to the neonatologist in one month one more time to verify again that everything is ok. After that we will see her this summer when sweet Baby Girl decides to grace us with her precious presence. After our appt with our regular OB, Tom looked at me in the parking lot. I had been pretty quiet after the news. He asked me if I was ok. I was. For some reason I felt so calm. I told him exactly how I was feeling, "God wouldn't put anything in front of us that which he didn't think we couldn't handle."

It's pretty crazy how much I love her already.

Look at that cute nose! I think she's got her Daddy's big ol' head! :) More room to grow a really smart brain like he has.

I had a minor freak out (anyone that knows me and my freak outs, they tend to be a little unnecessary and silly) at the baby super store (BABIES R'US! SWEET LORD!). We were looking at swings and Tom turned to look at me for my approval prior to shooting his gun (his favorite part) and he looked at my face. "Um....are you ok??" Hahaha I'm laughing now because it must have been an awful look of terror for him to have to ask.

So I was a BIT overwhelmed.There is just so much stuff!!! How do I know what to get?!?! All you Mommies out there you must fill me in on must have finds and stuff not to waste our time and money on!

A family portrait with all THREE of Tom's girls. :) Ohhh he's in trouble!

Back to another work week.
I hope yours is blessed.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. I'm a few days behind, but I'll be saying lots of prayers that all is well with baby girl! I'm sure it is :)

    You look beautimus in these pictures!!

  2. I have been SO far behind on blogs and am just not getting caught up! Glad that the everything went good at the specialist appointment and praying for more good news at your next one! Megs is right, you look great! and It's so true what you said about the belly. It's like you wake up and it's all compact but then by the end of the day it's all sticking out there!

    And I am SOOO with you on the baby store thing. I had no idea what I was doing. Sometimes those places get soo crowded and it stressful and a swear they keep it like 100 degrees in there (don't they know better with a bunch of pregnant women!). It's enough to give anyone a melt down!


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