Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Boy or Girl?!?!

It's definitely a baby.

No puppies in there.


Baby Boff is now Baby Girl Boff. :)
Tom says in the room: "Uhh....that looks like a girl." It was just so funny hearing from him first. Not the tech. He was super surprised! He was so sure it was a boy. :) His next statement, "Um, so you know she's going to be a Daddy's girl, right?" Pitter. Patter.

 We ARE SO excited.

The appointment went great. She seems to have 10 fingers, 10 toes, two precious doots (that's feet in Willis talk) a strong heart, two perfect kidneys, and a sweet little noggin. That's all that matters for now. :) She's is within 2-3 DAYS of her projected growth rate which is so great!!! She's growing and our due date is still June 10th. The funniest part was she had her two hands balled up in fist in front of her face most of the time.....she was ready to duke it out with someone. :) She's going to be feisty, like her momma.

Mommy is doing great as well. I've been off meds totally for over a whole week and feeling great! I've been more nauseous today than I have been in a while, but I'm thinking it was more anxiety & nerves rather than baby. However it's been so nice to finally be feeling somewhat "normal." My BP was a little higher than usual, but the nurse figured because I was excited, and again....anxiety. :) I check it often at work, and it's been fine otherwise.

My biggest concern lately is.....

 that if one more person tells me I look pale, sick, thin, awful, like crap, etc. (thank God it's people I love they're just concerned about my well being...I promise I'm not mad or offended) I might scream!

I'm actually feeling better, I put blonde highlights back in my hair (the brunette thing wasn't for me- plus if you don't feel pretty, you don't fell good ), and I'm eating around the freaking clock it seems. So I've been thinking, oh no, something is wrong!!! I'm not feeding the baby enough calories, its starving in there!!!! My doctor reassured me today that even though I didn't gain a freaking single pound (no I'm not bragging! THIS IS MY TIME TO GET TO GAIN WEIGHT AND ENJOY IT!!!) that baby was growing just fine and that he wasn't worried at all. So until baby isn't growing like SHE (that's so fun to say) should be, then we won't worry.

We loved calling our family, in the hospital parking, after we found out. Then we went to Nick & Amanda's house to tell them in person. Everyone was pretty excited.

The cutest person ever....Abby. She kept looking at the pictures and repeating  to me when I said baby girl...."Girl. Girl." Also, apparently when her Mommy had a baby in her belly she wanted to see it....well now Aunt Willis has a belly and she kept wanting to see it. "See. See. Please. Please." SO CUTE! Thankfully my family didn't mind me flashing my absurdly white lopsided (Baby Girl likes to hang out on the left.) pot belly.

So now we know! Tom asked me today "So we're not going to go crazy and buy a bunch of frilly pink girly stuff are we?"


No, Love, not yet.

Next....names!! We've thrown a few around, but we've decided to keep them to ourselves. We've got to keep you hanging in suspense in order to get you to read our blog! :) Suggestions are always welcome!

Have a blessed week! Ours just got exceptionally more blessed! :)
Lots of Love,
The Boffs & Baby Girl Pea-nette.


  1. yaaay u guys! cant wait to hear names!

  2. Peanette. LOL You crack me up.

  3. I like Caroline.... Sweet Caroline!

    Sara Smith

  4. I like the name..... Sherilyn... has a great ring to it doesn't it? You could go with Rusetta, or maybe.. Wanna Sher Bofferding!!! And if you are thinking it... no I have not been drinking!!! Love to ALL!

  5. awe yay!! congrats! you are about to go crazy buying girl stuff! it's just too hard not to. :)
    can't wait to hear the names!

  6. I think you guys should consider a traditional, classic name... ( you know like Katherine, Hannah, Abigail, Mary, Elizabeth...) because, you know y'all are just gonna give her a cool Boff nickname anyhow right??? she may as well have a cool old-school classic name for when she has to explain it at school... congrats!!!!


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