Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wishing, and hoping, and thinking, and praying...

  Still waiting for Baby Boy Boff....Nothing yet. I asked Amanda if she would be interested in a pogo stick contest, but she wasn't too excited about that. :)

We have the middle of the week off this week. This way we'll work this weekend and have a long Christmas break off for Tom's family visit. We're so ready to see everyone and have everyone together!!

Tomorrow, Des & I are going to to the San Marcos outlets....I'm hoping to finish my shopping.

This week I'll be 15 weeks. I'm finally getting a little "bump." It makes The Honey pretty happy. :)

Tom & I were sitting in church the other day and he did something that made me go pitter patter. Please keep in mind my hormones are making me a little more emotional. :) We we're in church and we always hold each others hands when we pray....we just always have. I love it because  in those silent moments I feel God's love, literally,wrapped around us.  So this Sunday in the middle of  us praying, he reaches over with both of our hands and puts them on the baby. All the sudden, right then, it didn't matter how miserable I have been....I knew that baby would be surrounded by love from us, our family, and most importantly God.

awwww. :)

So yeah...I'm still pretty miserable. I'm only puking once or twice a week now instead of 2 & 3 times a day. WHOO HOO!  I'm just waiting for that day I wake up and say, " Oh my goodness! I FEEL GREAT! OH HOW I LOVE BEING PREGNANT!" That hasn't happened yet. :(  I've had too many people tell me I look like I've lost weight....which makes me sad because I have! BOO! This is my time to get chunky and love every minute of  it!!! Oh well...I will in time. At that time, try not to remind me how much I was begging to be a chunky monkey.

My skin is uber dry & itchy & I'm a wee bit moody (ha!).The headaches showed up the day I started my second trimester just like clock work. They're not too bad though. I'm prone to migraines ( I haven't had one since I've been prego!) so they're not anything that bother me. The girls are pretty voluptuous & far less sore, but I've yet to need a new bra. YAY! Those can get expensive. My gums are kind of red and bleed easy, and I had my first nose bleed. This pregnancy business is crazy!

But the strangest one of all the new that made me come running out of the break room in a panic. I ran to my good friend Jamara, eyes about to pop out of my head, and announced new find.(Jamara has had three precious little boys. I go to her with all of my crazy fears, concerns, and symptoms.) I had about four long (1/4 of an inch) hairs around my belly button!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT IS THAT?!??!!? I of course pulled them out, and looked very closely for more. :) Jam assured me that it was normal. I'm still a little traumatized by it. Now, so are you. :)

Now that  I've painted a lovely picture for you....


Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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