Saturday, December 4, 2010


...has officially thrown up all over our house. :)

I'm a little obsessed with Christmas. I blame it on my Mom. Growing up our home would be completely consumed with Christmas decorations and it was so exciting. This year for Thanksgiving my parents came to Austin.  So we had a small little dinner with The Cottens, The Bofferdings, and the newlyweds- The Benoits

In theme with our "Day after decorating" tradition, we decorated our house this year.

Let me just say....It's pretty amazing.

Also as an early Christmas gift to ourselves, we got a new camera. So all of our decorations are taken mostly by Mr. Paparazzi himself....The Honey.

I'll post all the Christmas decor soon (once The Honey teaches me how to upload them from our fancy camera.)

Have a blessed week.
Lots of  Love,
The Boffs


  1. yay for the new camera! can't wait to see your Christmas decorations!

  2. oh, and I'm gunna need some pics of that belly soon, too!


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