Thursday, December 16, 2010

A rare tboff post

So, its been since August 21st since I have posted on the blog... typically Whit manages most of the posts but seeing as though it is 4am and I can't sleep, I figured I'd get back in the game and shoot out some highlights of the last few months...

As you have all seen from that last post, I have the occasional sick belly... over the last few months though, I have felt the best I have felt since I was diagnosed with IBS
Dinosaurs have stinky poo
I have been much more diligent about taking my medications, eating small frequent meals, decreasing the alcohol intake, etc and it has yielded positive results.  I am still about 20 lbs lighter than I was at my heaviest and I wouldn't even classify myself as heavy... so for now, all is well... just going to keep on focusing on doing the right things to keep myself healthy.
Yummy... no more poo!
Okay, so enough of the disgusting stuff as I am so well known for... As many of you know, I am currently back in school getting my Master's degree from Loyola University Online New Orleans.
I am getting my Master's of Science in Nursing with a focus on Health Care Systems Management.  As of Tuesday I completed my second class, finished my first semester, and am now on my winter break.  The first couple of classes went well.  I have had to make a few sacrifices... There were days I needed to stay home and do homework instead of going out and even had to write a paper the last time I was in Texarkana visiting Willis' family.  Luckily, all has gone well though.  I made an 'A' in my first class.  The grades for the second class are still pending but I am hovering in the 'B+' to 'A-' range.  Either way, successful start to the degree.  I have to make it to the summer of 2012, but time seems to be flying these days so hopefully it will go fast...

I have been pretty lucky to be able to be in school right now too. My job is flexible to the point where I can schedule around school, which is great.  Whit and I are both lucky to have such challenging, yet rewarding, jobs.  Yes, it can be hectic and frustrating sometimes, but at the end of the day it is all worth it getting to touch the lives that we do and work with some of the people we do.  This last week I was asked to start doing some PRN (as needed) work as the hospital House Supervisor.  The House Supervisor is the person who helps coordinate the logistics of the hospital during the day.  They are in charge of: patient placement throughout the hospital, staffing issues, patient complaints, staff complaints, amongst a myriad of other responsibilities. This is quite an honor to be selected to do something like this.  I will be the first to admit that I have some flaws as a leader at work.  I am young, I want to rise up quickly, I can speak my mind without properly phrasing the way it should come out, etc... I know that I have a lot of areas for improvement and am very grateful for the opportunity to learn from some of the great House Supervisors we have and hopefully become a better leader.

Speaking of time going fast...  just a few days ago, Whit and I celebrated 8 months of marriage..
The time has really just flied by since we got married.  I marvel at how lucky I am every day to have truly found my soul mate.  Willis compliments me in every way possible and certainly keeps me grounded.  I certainly have never been this happy.  We have been very blessed and are extremely lucky to have found each other, to have our amazing families and friends, and that we have our own Baby Boff on the way!

People often ask me how I'm doing with the whole baby thing... and of course, do I want a boy or a girl??  Honestly, I couldn't be more excited!  Despite Whit feeling sick, everything is absolutely perfect. We are so lucky and cannot wait for the little one to get here!  As far as the sex of the baby... obviously I am going to be happy with a healthy and happy baby and momma once all is said and done... we are very anxious to find out the sex though which won't be until the end of January.

Excitement is one of many things I'm feeling these days... obviously there are a lot of the "guy" things that I do worry about being a first time dad... Will I be a good father? Will I know what to do and what to say when those crucial times arise? Will I be able to provide for my wife and child to the level that they deserve? Will my baby grow up to be happy and healthy? The list goes on and on...
I think that I am very lucky that both Whitney and I come from families that have led the way and shown us what it means to be a good parent.  December 1st marked my parent's 37th wedding anniversary.  The example that my parents and Whitney's parents have shown over the years has been second to none.  I am very thankful to have come from such a wonderful family and am very thankful to have married into such a wonderful family. Both our sets of parents have set the bar very high and it is such a blessing to see how much they still love each other after all these years.  Both sets of parents are our inspiration to try to be the best parents we can be... I know I am not always going to have the answers. I know that there are going to be fights, difficult times, and hard choices to make.  However, through it all, our parents have proved that anything can be overcome with open, honest communication, love, compromise, etc, etc, etc...  Thanks to both our parents for being the inspiration we need as we prepare for Baby Boff this coming June!

Oh, and it helps that we have had a little practice my brother and sister-in-law's little one, baby Abby
And, they have another one on the way any day now!!!

Lastly, its CHRISTMAS TIME!!!
Our Xmas tree. Willis and Nini did an amazing job decorating!

Yay Christmas!

I helped put together the outside lights.  Its our first year, but just wanted something subtle and classy

I love Santa!
Nini said I needed a small spot lot to put on the tree at night... I think it looks pretty good!
Christmas is by far Whit and my favorite holiday.  We both have long standing traditions and great feelings about past Christmas celebrations.  As all of us in the Bofferding family started to grow up it became more and more difficult to spend every Christmas at home.  We did pretty well for the majority of the years all the siblings were in college and even shortly thereafter.  Over the past few years however, it has become more difficult to get back to Minnesota to spend Christmas there, as well as try to spend Christmas with our significant other's families as well.  As a compromise, we decided that every even year we would all head back to Minnesota and spend Christmas there.  Every odd year each of the siblings would travel to their significant other's family and spend Christmas there.  Overall it has worked out pretty well, although I can safely say that we do miss our families on the years we aren't there.  This year is even a little more different than our new normal Christmas...  we are spending this Christmas in the ATX!  Nick and Amanda (my brother and his wife) are set to deliver a baby boy any moment now.  Having a baby this close to the holidays made it impossible for them to travel to Minnesota this year.  Since we are in an even year and it was our turn to go to Minnesota, this threw our normal plans off a little.  Instead of heading back to MN (which was buried in about 17 inches of snow anyway - incidentally causing the Metrodome sports stadium roof to collapse) my parents and the rest of the siblings will be traveling down to Austin and Nick, Amanda, Whit, and I will be hosting our first Xmas!

Needless to say, we are super excited to have everyone in town.  Whit and I have a week off of work around Christmas, so plenty of time for family, food, games, and our first ATX Xmas memories.  My youngest brother is going to be staying at our place and everyone else will be staying at Nick and Amanda's.  I have to go pick up some beer...

I think that just about catches me up over the last few months...  I hope everyone has a very safe, happy, and blessed holiday season.

Miller says Merry Christmas!

tboff, Willis, Miller, and Baby Boff

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