Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm pretty sure I was an elf in my past life.

Well an elf or a hippie. :)

 I absolutely love Christmas. My parents made sure my sister & I always had a wonderful Christmas. My Mom & Uncle Ben say growing up, Christmas was such a fun time for them thanks to my Poppy &; Marme. Tom has three other siblings. so growing so it was always a fun & loving time with his big family as well.

So now, I hope Tom & I can enforce our love for the Holiday Season and what it truly means to our family one day.
My nephew,Kason....the other man in my life. 

I know I rub it in often, but it's only because it's true. I have the most amazing and most fun loving husband....EVER. That's it. Sorry. :) I get a little nervous each year when I decorate for Christmas, because it probably could seem cheesy, overwhelming....and borderline excessive.  However, I'm pretty sure The Honey gets just as excited as I do. Every year I seem to have more storage containers of decor & I  literally jump up and down and stare in awe when I unpack them. A lot of glitter is usually involved and can be a bit annoying because it does seem to get everywhere....but that man of mine is so understanding.

So with our new camera (This years present to ourselves)

                   .....we both played with all our pre-lit glittery decor.

Note my model: She followed me around with the camera. So I made her  sit & she's in several. :)
Ps. Aren't the pre-lit sticks fun?!!? TJ Maxx. Love that place. 

My Mom helped so much. She's pretty amazing. Again: Thank you to my model, Miller Rayne. 

This might be my favorite part of everything. The big ornaments I found last year at Dillards after christmas sale. I  wasn't sure what I was going to do with them, but put two creative minds together and here ya go! I got to utilize my Christmas plates that I registered for too. YAY!

Every year, before Christmas, my Mom gives Jenn & I Christmas "sussies" (surprises). These are a few years of pre-Christmas gifts from a woman that has taught us to love Christmas as much as she was raised to do.

More Christmas dishes I registered for.

The mantel & our football tree. This is Tom's batchelor tree that he used at his aparment before his crazy wife came into the picture. I've decorated it with Vikings & Cowboy ornaments, but I want to add in LSU & Minnesota this year.

The wreath I made.....still not how I wanted it to turn out, but its fun.

Do you remember this bargain from my Canton post here?
This is our new buffet from Crate & Barrel. The buffet deserves a post all in itself, but here it is in all its HEAVY ASS glory.  :)
I'm also pretty in love with the outside. :) Thanks to Pops & The Honey for putting out some lights.

So there is MOST of it. :) hahaha I saved you a little time that you would never ever get back and didn't post everything. :)

Have a blessed day!! 
The Boffs


  1. Hey Whitney, I just found your super cute blog, I LOVE all your Christmas decorations! Oh, and I'm probably super late, but Congrats on your pregnancy, SO exciting!!

  2. Love all of your cute decorations! I know my poor hubby has got to be sick of all of my decorating! I think you definitely have to go all out at Christmas! It is so much fun! I bet yall are having so much fun getting ready for the little one. It will be exciting when you find out and get to start buying nursery stuff! :) Hope yall have a wonderful Christmas!
    p.s. I love the LSU ornament idea! We of course have them our our tree! Geaux Tigers!!


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