Wednesday, November 10, 2010


....But dear Lord, please bring on the 2nd trimester. This Friday I'll be 10 weeks. Only reason this is significant to me because its super close to the end of the 1st trimester. What am I so ready to get out this lovely time in my life???


Dear Peanut, If you ever read this...please know Mommy loves you, but wowsa have you reeked havoc on my GI system and circadian rhythm. XOXO

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So since week 6-7 I've been pretty nauseous. Thank the Lord for Zofran, but it doesn't always work. Sometimes it takes too long and sometimes I never get relief. However, my other option was phenergan.....and I honestly only need something to function at work at not be in the bathroom for a 12h shift. On phenergan I would be asleep in a patients bed, and I somehow think that would be frowned upon. I threw up the one time at ACL. (Posted here.) so I was pretty thankful that it was just nausea. However in the last few days.....I'm not holding EVERYTHING down. :(  Oh well....hopefully it will pass and in the end I'll have the best reward!! Losing 5 lbs is not so ideal right now, but I've been told  it's normal. I'm just ready for a sweet fat baby belly and a sweet fat baby inside it. The dry heaving, wretching, and running to the bathroom with watery mouth just aren't fun anymore....because honestly at first it was nice to know that this baby was there and the  real deal! I was having the symptoms! However, now I'm le tired.

So I eat a lot of fruit. For being so nauseas that is one of those things that just sounds good. That & pickles. :) So for all the fruit I'm eating and water I'm drinking, because I've hardly been drinking any caffeine...I should be a REGULAR GAL! Yesterday I was so miserable I broke down in tears....well that and the fact I walked out of the house with two different shoes on. HAHAHA no seriously. Thank God I have The Honey that ran to the store for a Dr. approved medication and he had it waiting on me when I got to work. Thank the Lord for my honey. We'll pray for good results.

Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. I sleep. And sleep. And sleep.....and sleep some more. I wake up sometimes at odd hours, but I will find time to catch up on sleep at some point in the day. I even took my 30 min lunch break last night as a good time for a power nap. :) Whenever that precious Honey of mine or the fam has a comment about it I feel like a great response is "I AM GROWING A CHILD!" :) It's hard work apparently because man it wears me out.

Another milestone I CAN'T WAIT FOR....I want to know what he or she is!!! I've gotten a lot of predictions for a girl. My sister is determined its a girl. Of course we would be happy with either....Tom really wants that 'Big Brother" for whoever follows. Me I'm torn. I just can't wait to find out...then name it!! I'm dying to buy something for it, but  I'm having a difficult time finding unisex stuff. Boo.

So I'm back for another night of fun. This weekend we're hosting a baby shower for Baby Boy Boff for our Brother  & Sis in Law. I'm soooo excited!

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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