Monday, November 22, 2010

It's a mad house out there....

So today I was feeling all spry and stuff and decided to get out about and run errands! It wasn't too bad. I ended up buying 3 Christmas gifts, a few things for me, and only ONE Christmas goody. I felt pretty good, except at the end I needed a noodles only go so far. So it was Sonic happy hour. WHOOOP! I got a Cherry Limeade that Baby Boff loved and some of these guys.....

There were no survivors.....

I take a lot of pictures of my food these days because I get daily text messages and phone calls from my loving Mom & Sister with "Have you eaten today?? What did you eat???" :) They're cute.

After I refueled, I figured it would be a good idea to go to the grocery. My parents are coming in for Thanksgiving and I don't want to have stop at the grocery the day before and deal with all the crazies.....I thought I was making a good choice.

I will say, I came out of HEB with all of my fellow shoppers alive. It was questionable in the canned food isle and then again in the produce isle. The only thing that kept me going?? I don't want coal in my stocking and I don't want my unborn child has to be born into "The Big House". If it's anything like Tom, lets face it, it would never make it. :)  LOVE YOU, LOVE! Now after all the groceries safely made it to there new homes (a few weeks a go we had a casualty involving red spaghetti sauce and a glass jar) I realized I need one more onion and forgot the alcohol for the weekend (For the lushes out there!)


I've been crafty lately. So recently I made an infamous paper wreath that I've seen all over the blog world. I was pretty proud of the turn out even if its not what I envisioned. Now I have to figure out what to do with it and where to put it.

I owe a special thanks to my little elves: Thomas & Desiree' :)

So while my parents are here, its always a tradition to Christmas decorate after this year my Mom is going to help me decorate my house! YAY!!!  I will say she has taught me to looooove the holiday....some would say it verges on a "problem."

I just think that I love the day Jesus was born....and all the comes a long with it! I was totally jamming to the All Christmas station today.  Plus, we bought our "Big" Christmas gift to ourselves today. YAY! I'm sure I'll blog about it soon. Speaking of Christmas, The Honey shakes his head at the above scene in our dining room, but need I remind him of our trip to Hobby Lobby recently that we absolutely couldn't leave without this fella.....that he picked out. :)

I must say he his pretty cute.

I'm hoping this weekend will be filled with a lot Christmas decor, hanging of random pictures and things that for some reason I can't do without my Mom, and possibly CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! :) 

TBoff wants me to say "Hey Blogs!" which in layman's terms means "Hello fellow bloggers." He promises to post a blog soon, but also promises that it won't be about poop. :) Notice he hasn't returned since that post. hahaha

I hope everyone has a blessed week filled with giving thanks. 
Lots of Love,
The Boffs & The Peanut

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