Monday, November 15, 2010

Baby Boy Boff

No, not our baby boy Boff....We won't know what baby is until after Christmas.

This Baby Boff is our nephew who is due to be born Dec.31. We're hoping/thinking he'll be earlier since his big sis was early, but we'll just have to wait and see how stubborn he is. :)

Tonight we had a small get together for my brother- in-law Nick, my sister- in- law Amanda, and Baby Boy that we haven't named yet. However, when he gets here (no matter what his name is) he's going to have a whole lot of people that love him sooooo much.

Nick & Amanda  have a few close friends that they get together with often and Tom & I have been lucky enough to get to know them as well. The shower tonight was laid back and fun filled with lots of their company.  Of course when you get friends together it must be filled with great food!! I made sweet tea for Amanda/me because caffeine is a treat these days for the both of us. We picked up Wing Stop because at our house it's a favorite. :) I have been avoiding chicken like the plague lately, but today it tasted great! Her friend Sara made this amazing cheese balls with olives in the middles.....YUM-O! Plus our fair share of dips. They also got a cake from Round Rock Doughnuts (who knew they made cakes) and it was awesome!!!!!!  I will definitely be looking into them for future cakes.

Baby Boy hasn't asked for much :) but he did get some fun goodies. I was feeling super crafty the other day so I decided to try my hand at a diaper cake. I must say, for my first (who better to try my first diaper cake than on my sis-in law that I know won't judge my diaper caking capabilities:) ) I was pretty proud. It was easy, fun, and turned out pretty cute in the end. I went online and found a DIY tutorial so it made my life easy

This is Sam. This is Nick &  Amanda's friends - Natalie & Larry's little boy...he was being so silly! :)

I must say having a sis in law who I love :) and is also baby making machine :)!!! makes me so glad I have someone I can have try out all these uber cool goodies in the baby world these days and say "YOU HAVE TO GET ONE OF THOSE," or "Don't waste your time or money."

Plus I have my own sissy,  but lets be honest a lot of things can change in 7 years! If I could only get her to have another one, then I could show her the ropes for a change! GRRR! I have had to call her the last couple of weeks and explain all my crazy hormonal break downs to her. I've had two in the last week. Of course my sweet rational sister says its ok and that one day I'll look back and laugh...I don't know! I've gotta say everyone at work was right. Before I ever got pregnant, my co-workers had bets on what kind of "big belly mama" I would be- moody,snap at any second and bite your head off angry, or.....a big cry baby. They mostly/if not all said I would be a far they were right.

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I thought of doing a prego journal, which  I still might, to document all my irrational  out of control thoughts and actions.....until then  I'll confess the ones I'm not too embarrassed about. :) Last night I had fallen asleep on the couch AGAIN ( at about 9! Which is crazy for me- the night shift worker) and was woken up by my sweet honey trying to convince me to get in bed. I reluctantly get up and pout because I feel like I'm missing out on something by sleeping so much. I attempt to get Miller to come with me to bed.....she's also asleep on the couch (sympathy sleep for her Mama I'm sure.). Well she wasn't budging and for some reason I felt the the strong urge to pout (did I mention I've been a big baby??) because she wouldn't come....I may or may not have done a little foot stomp and "HMPH" in there too. Well The Honey says " Love, I can get her. I'll take her outside for you and then send her to bed while your brushing your teeth." I then to proceed to pathetically belt out, quivering lip and all, "I'm not helpless...I'm fully capable of....". Yeah then the waterworks start, and the sobbing and the big pathetic mess in the living room that is Whitney...

Most husbands would laugh, most husbands would shoo their insane wives away to some far away place....most husbands would be scared poopless in their pants and think "Oh dear Lord. What have I gotten myself into?!?!"

Not my honey. He lets me bellow like a two year old all the while, smiling I'm sure, telling me it's just the hormones and that I'm just really tired....He brings my blubbering ass to bed, takes the dog out like the dog whisperer he is, and then comes and tucks me in and watches a movie with me until I fall asleep....still somewhat sobbing mind you. :) When I finally calm down, I look at him and apologize profusely and  beg him to not think I'm insane....well I am, but usually I can keep it under wraps pretty well. :) He just smiles at me, because of course he has known all along I'm insane....and just says "This won't be the last time."


 The poor man is prepared for more?!?!? What a saint. He's going to make such a wonderful Daddy.

Until more adventures from only 10 weeks pregnant lady (we have 30 more to go, people....crap!), you all have a blessed week.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. whitney..when i first saw your post title i thought omg where have i been, whitney is pregnant.. then saw it was your BIL and SIL and then i kept reading and YOU ARE! I am soooo excited for you! And slightly jealous! Taylor and I are in those not trying but wanting to try but not sure stage. Hopefully we will get into the trying stage soon. Can't wait for all your future posts! Wish you were having the little baby here so i could take care of you!

  2. Great post! Made me smile and giggle. Great way to start of my Tuesday morning. Much love to you both and the little peanut!

    p.s And of course Miller :)


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