Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby Boff

So apparently we're very fertile. :)

Tom & I are so excited. One because babies are such a blessing to all, but also I know so many people that have struggled and are still struggling for God to put 10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes in their life. I do feel truly blessed that God has given us the oppurtunity to share with you all this gift.

So here's the scoop. :)

In July, at Allison & Jonathan's wedding (I blogged about it here) we a had a bit of a scare. Scare only because I got sick a couple of days in a row on our trip and  I didn't drink nearly enough to make me that sick. So of course my 3rd or so round to the bathroom to barf up my breakfast I thought to myself "Oh Dear Lord." So our flight home from the wedding Tom & I both talked about our fears if we were in fact the "P" word and what would we do. I was a nervous wreck...this was not in our 1-2 year plan!

 In Tom's words (not exact because, as Tom is, it was a bit more colorful) "If we are....we are. I'll love the *choice words* out of it and do my best no to screw it up. It will be the luckiest baby in the whole world." This is one of those moments in times that I looked at him in those goofy brown eyes, did a little pitter patter dance in my heart, and took a deep breath. Wow! How did I get so lucky?? So we came home, took a test....negative.

But oh wait...what's this??? I was kind of dissapointed. I had already prepared myself for this to be one of God's little jokes. "HA HA! You had a PLAN?!?!? I just made a new one for you!"  Oh well. Come to find out, The Honey was a bit bummed too.

 I was a bit on the irregular side anyway so....we decided "Hey...it's gonna take me a while to get my hormones all in line. Lets get off the birth control a while and then start trying,"  We've been together 2 1/2 years, we've lived together over a year....we don't go out near as much anymore. Why not?

So a couple of months pass us by. I'm still not so regular, but I've always liked to do things the hard way. :) So I'm just gonna take it a day at time and we're not going to stress about this. This is gonna be a fun time in our life!!

So I'd like to take a step foward to Sept. 18th. My childhood bestfriend, Stephanie Tidwell, facebooked me a little message on my wall. 

Stephanie 'Tidwell' Pittman speaking of your babies sleeping with you, i had a dream last night you were the "p" word. it's in the water right now so i can't type it or say it out loud but i'm sure you know what i mean.
September 18 at 8:51am · 

Tom & I laughed it off because it was cute, but again...NO PRESSURE!

Oct. 2nd I went to the Lavaca St. Bar with my bestie, Tony. Here was my post that day.   I remember getting this little twinge of "Maybe I shouldn't be drinking," because of course still Aunt Flo hadn't come for her lovely visit.Tony doesn't drink much so it didn't bother him any. :) We came back to the house to watch more college football, and I ended up taking a nap on the couch. Man had I been tired lately! :)  I woke up abrubtly with a funny memory of a CRAZY dream. I was in the hospital and for some reason needed a heart cath & then open heart surgery. I woke up from the surgery and Tom was at my side and I panic. "WHERE'S THE BABY?!?! Is it ok?!?" I then proceed to look down and I have a VERY prego belly.

Hmmmmmm.....It was just a dream. I text Tom, whiel he's at work my little "twinge" and of course Mr. Logical says take a test! (BUT NOT BEFORE HE GETS THERE!) ha

Oct.3 I was scheduled to work a princess shift 3-7. I woke up to go take a test. It pops up pretty swift like what sort of looks "positive" on the stick, but it was one of those cheapy ones that Tom gotten in July to test the first time. I woke up Tom anyway (he had worked the night before) and of course he was like "ehhh.....we need to get one of those that says 'PREGNANT' or 'NOT PREGNANT'" Grrr..but I have to go to work! I don't have time to get a test before. I'll just have to wait until after. BOOOOO

I got a phone call. I got cancelled from work. YAY!. Grocery store here I come.

Here's what we got. :)

So I called the next day, Monday to make an appt. They see you between 8-10 weeks. From my LMP that was going to be the week following Desiree'  Tony's wedding. (Posted here.) Oh gracious....

1.) Several of my co-workers were going to be there so this was going to be interesting.
2.) I didn't want to tell Desiree' yet because this was HER WEEKEND and I was going to have to hide it from her.
3.) If I'm not having a drink around my parents, my Mother is going to know something is up. :)

1.) I kept having to pretend I was drinking when the co-workers were around. Tom was double fisting a lot of the trip. :)
2.)Desiree' figured it out our first night there when I wasn't drinking and not eating the "Good" sushi.
3.) We were going to have to tell my parents. There was no way I could keep it a secret that long.

So we told Mom & Dad. We had gotten a little onesie at ACL that said "I was made in Austin, Tx". We let them open it as a gift and they were sooooooooo excited. :) We swore them to secrecy because it was way early and we hadn't even gone to the doctor yet.

The next weekend Tom's parents were coming in town so we knew that the Friday when we went to the doctors appt we could get the official approval and tell them while they were here.

Oct. 22 we heard "Peanut's" heartbeat for the first time. SO COOL...and it made it oh so real! :) According to the size of  Peanut and  my rudely irregular Aunt Flo....we weren't as far along as we thought. 7 weeks, but we still got to hear the heartbeat. Our official due date: June 10th. Plus I got some lovely zofran for the awful morning  (MY REAR END! ITS ALL DAY ANY DAY) sickness.

We came back and let Mark & ReNee open the onesie the same way we did with my parents. Being their third grandchild I was thinking "Don't get your hopes up. They'll be happy, but just not as excited...."ARE YOU KIDDING??? They were soooooooooooooo excited. :) It was fun.

The following few days we got to tell Tom's other brother Jake, & sister Laura on the web cam. Then of course this weekend in Texarkana I got to tell my sister. Everyone now knows....so of course the second I gave Tom the "ok" he haaaaaaaaad to post it on facebook. He has been dying to do so. It's pretty cute actually. He's gonna be such a good papa! :)

Well there ya have it. I've been dying to blog and blog and blog about every little change and symptom every day but I haven't been able to....so this has made me feel sooooooooooo much better. :) Thank you!

I hope everyone has an awesome week.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs
The Peanut.


  1. so exciting!!! You guys will be great parents :)

    ps - we got our positives on the same day :) a year apart.

  2. oh, and isn't it crazy how dreams are really true!? I've had so many friends that dream of others being pg and the end up being! The only dream I had was the night before.. I was in my bathroom with my mom..took a positive test..woke up...took one, and it was!

  3. oh goodness whit and meg! yall are scaring me... im gonna freak if i ever have a dream im preg! hahah CONGRATS AGAIN! (third times a charm, i wont tell u again! haha)

  4. Megs- You had posted that after we found out on one of your blog posts. It made me smile and think of sweet Cohen.

    Hanna - You can tell me all you want! We are so excited and love all the love and encouragement we've gotten from our friends & family.

    Katie- When you posted you were also prego I was sooo excited....but bummed we weren't telling anyone yet! SO YAY NOW I CAN TELL PEOPLE!

  5. Congratulations! Baby Boff will be a cutie :)

  6. Awwww, I'm so happy for you guys!! Y'all are gonna be great parents!!


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