Saturday, November 20, 2010

Baby Boff is tough, but Mama is kinda sickly! :(

This week we are 11 weeks! YAY! Baby Boff was the size of a lime:
I have no belly pics because...I have no bump. I have absolutely nothing to show for all the ralphing and dry heaving I've been doing.  So here is an angry kitty. :)

So I had my 11 week appt yesterday. First off let me say I know I've let you all know I've felt like poo, but....seriously AWFUL POO. Thursday was such a great day, but come Thursday night I was of course running to the bathroom on a couple of occasions and actually woke up in the middle of the night feeling super nauseas. I'm not one to be sickly, but when I's no good. So I roll out of bed Friday thinking I'm ok, but any day after I'm throwing up I always feel pretty dehydrated and weak....Friday wasn't much different. So I did the usual hand full of saltine crackers and even a little extra Welch's fruit snacks....and of course water. I took my Zofran because I wanted to enjoy my Friday and usually I just try to tough it out....not today.

So we got to the doctor's office on time. YAY! However, he was out.....delivering twins. Well lovely.

So they offer another doctor. Since we're not to the pelvic exam point just yet.....sure, why not. First is the dreaded scale....bah bah bahhhhh. I'd been weighing myself at home (which I promise not to do through out this whole thing) only to keep an eye on how much I was losing since I was so sick. So I was fully prepared for what we were about to see....but since I had lost 3lbs the time before, and now 4 more pounds....and I was throwing up pretty frequently they were concerned. I put my wee bit o' pee in a cup and right away it came up with + proteins, and + ketones. My kidneys were basically saying "We're not getting enough nutrients or us please...we're working hard."

So sweet Ms. Debbie, the nurse, heads out the door to which we can see in the hallway that Doctor "Fill In" (I can't pronounce her name) went to med school at LSU. GEAUX TIGAS! We liked her already. :)

She pops in....and starts pounding out the questions one after the other... When do you wake up?
When do you sleep? When do you eat? When do you puke? Can you switch to day shift tomorrow? (this made me laugh out loud in her face and give her a kind of "are you crazy??" look) When do you wipe your own ass??? Ok she was a little intense.....

 Of course she re-assures me that baby is fine...babies are tough :) but mama is not fairing so well. She "threatened" me with a IV and fluids in her office to which I giggled and said "I'm pretty sure I can drink some water."

So we got prescriptions for Phenergan (which  I didn't want before because it makes you sleepy) and sub lingual Zofran (it works faster! hallelujah!) and another appointment the Monday after Thanksgiving. I'm going to take everything around the clock and really focus on bland complex carbs. Plus she suggested SEVEN to TEN small meals (the size of the palm of your hand) through out the day. HAHAHA Does she think I'm a cow...and have the time to graze all day??!?  I will say I did the phenergan last night before took a while to kick in (I started to feel a "wave") but when it did....good lord I slept like a rock, plus I had crazy dreams.

This afternoon our besties Des & Tony came over to watch football and Tony made chili. It wasn't too spicy (because I didn't add any extra kick like I usually do) and with some saltines...MMMM YUMMY! Then some noodles this evening for dinner and frozen yogurt at

MMMM! SO YUMMY! They just started the seasonal "pumpkin" low fat yogurt! SO GOOD! :) It has made Baby Boff very happy! THANK THE LORD! I'm going to start blaming my sister if this kid continues to be so picky about what goes in my about the worlds pickiest eater. :) LOVE YOU JENN! 

Have a great day!
Lots of Love,
The Boffs
& Little Lime/peanut

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