Tuesday, November 9, 2010

B is for.....


It was my 26th birthday on Friday, Nov. 5th and I got to spend it with my family in Texarkana. I apparently ruined the surprise. They were planning to suprise me in Austin....BUT I WANTED TO COME HOME! :) It was a pretty amazing birthday. One I hope I never forget.

My Uncle Ben even came in to town so that made me happy.

I got some amazing gifts. Actually I got way too many gifts....everyone went a little overboard. However...It was fun! :)

I got 3 birthday cakes!!!! I forgot to take of the pic of the one my Mom got me,  Nick & Amanda made me a delicious chocolate one....and THIS one here was made by our friends Robert & Sara. We didn't get to taste it all the way from TTOWN, but the best part......He spelled Willis wrong! :) hahahha


I got my hair did on my birthday. I like to go darker/closer to my natural color in the winter time so I don't worry about getting it highlighted for a few months. It makes life easier and it's always fun for a change. This time however....I went super dark. I love it!!! I was kind of worried about Tom's reaction because he is a "Blonde" kinda guy, but.....he LIKED IT! I joked with him, that is was like he had a little girlfriend on the side. :)  I haven't really taken any pictures yet, so I'll post some soon. 


If you haven't already heard on facebook or through the grapevine....Tom & I are going to be a Mommy & a Daddy.  We are very happy &  excited. I've been wanting to blog about it for weeks but couldn't because we were still telling all the family and it is still early.  I'll be 10 weeks on Friday. Which means we are due June 10th. That is my bestie's, Emily, birthday. :) Our neice, Abby & my FIL, Mark's birthday is on the 3rd. My Dad's is the 21st. June is a gonna be a good month. :)

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