Friday, October 29, 2010

More Texas Boffs

I've got to start getting better than posting once a week. Busy or not, I've enjoyed blogging....I know I'll get better.

So we have just been getting back into the swing of things since NOLA. We had to go back to work and then Tom's parents came in last weekend. It's always so nice when they come down to Texas. We're trying really hard to get them to move from Rochester (MINNESOTA) close to us. The winters will be ten times better, they'll be closer to future grand babies, and they won't have to make the 18hr drive! GROSS.

Most of the weekend was spent lounging with the fam, rubbing my sis in law's growing precious belly while Baby Boy Bofferding bounced around inside, eating yummy grub, and of course trying to get Abby to walk. She's does so awesome when we are holding her hands, but the second you let go of one....the fit begins to roll. However after working on it all weekend, she of course did on her own when the rest of us weren't there. We're in trouble now....walking Abby with Baby Boy (be thinking of names HAHA) Bofferding on the way.

 My favorite thing about when the Boff's get together....GAMES!! Just like my fam, they love to play games. They're favorite is Settlers (I haven't learned to play yet) but we've had fun with Cranium, Phase 10....and this weekend was Scatagories. SOOOOO FUN! :)

We also had an extra roomie this week. While Tony & Desiree' were in Maui (Jealous!) we had Willie. I always enjoy having an extra cuddle buddy, but I must say with two black labs on top of me in our King size bed, and the 2 feet of extra space next to me just begging to be slept on.....It wasn't happening. I haven't been sleeping so well lately, so a few nights I had to sleep in the guest bedroom. It's not so bad, but it must be dusty or something because I'm always coughing or maybe I'm allergic to the new bedding. ???? (But it's too cute to get rid of!!!)

Any who it always takes me a bit to fall asleep in there. Plus there's no dark curtain to make the room extra dark while I sleep during the day. :( So I try to sleep under the covers, but then I get hot.....but then it's too bright....grr. What a vicious cycle.
This is two dogs....That's a lot of leg. :)
Big "Lap" dogs. 

It's a rough life while Dad is away. 

Anyway another weekend down, Tom's parents got home safely, and back to a work week for us nurses. It wasn't so bad. My main complaint about work this week....If another person complains.....I don't know what I'm going to do...I might go crazy. I'm thinking of making people drop a quarter in a jar every time I hear a complaint or negative comment....I could put it through to buy a new car. :)

Then I wouldn't mind the complaining so much. HA. I just feel like in this economy and our profession...YOU ARE BLESSED TO HAVE A JOB! I know my optimistic attitude can be annoying, but come on.....sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches. Ok I'm done. :)

Ps. I got slapped on the arm like 4 times this weekend by crazy senile patients. haha I totally think its a record. I'm only making light of the situation because I wasn't getting kicked in the ribs or punched in the nose (it does happen) but I just kept getting tickled every time gramps or an altered mental patient popped me this the way your Mom used to do when you were little and being "bad." (Well not my Mom. She chased us around with a spoon or spatula while we would giggle and scream with delight and only make her more mad! HAHAHA) I must have had an bad aura this week. I'll try to cleanse it for next week. :)

So this weekend Tom has to work. Boo. We knew it wouldn't always be that we would have the same schedule, but still its a bummer. So I'm going to work in the yard and plant some pansies, drive to Canton on Saturday to meet my Mom. I'm hoping I'll get a few Christmas gifts started. :) This Sunday for Halloween....I'm going to see the cutest Lady bug and maybe have a few trick or treats of my own! If not I've got an ass load of candy for Tom & I to eat.....I went a little overboard.

Next weekend????? WHY IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Big 2-6. Watch out. Away to T-town we go, to celebrate with my parents and sister's fam. WHOO HOOO!
My 25th Birthday!

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