Friday, October 8, 2010

Love me some live music.

So...we've been BUSY! We've been having a great time, and I keep going I've got to blog about here I am FINALLY.

We've been getting to see a lot of live music lately and this weekend is no exception! ITS ACL WEEKEND AND I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!

A few weeks ago we went to one of our favorite hole in the wall bars in Austin.

Courtesy of
The patio upstairs of course is our favorite, but the other great thing about this place is that they have live music every single day of the week. We went on a random Tuesday night we both were off work and my best friend Jessica was in town. We met up with her, her hilarious sister Christina, and a few of their friends. Before their arrival Tom and I enjoyed a pretty great jam session from this crew.
uploaded from Tom's iPhone.
As we're rounding the corner Tom goes, "Is that woman holding a baby in there??"  Of course I was all "SURELY NOT!!" So which we see this. At first, yeah, it was strange....but after a while we overlooked Baby Angus :) and enjoyed the music from the Jitter Bug misfits. It was very jazzy and a colorful group of faces. Austin always has something interesting in store.

Last weekend we went to a local HS game with my fabulous Brother and Sister in Law. (I got super lucky!) We took Abby so she could see the band and it was a brand new incredible stadium. It definitely sent me back to the good ol' days of the Hawk Girls and the infamous Leon Blake stadium. I loved football season.... maybe that's what started my love for football. Any who we had a great time and so did Abby....but she wasn't that interested in the game. That's ok, it gave Aunt Willis a chance to steal her away and let Abby's new sea legs get a work out. :)

 After the game we met up with Tony to go see a band from his hometown, Lake Charles, La. We went downtown, to South Congress (MY FAVORITE PLACE IN ATX!) and stopped off at Ruta Maya Coffee house and bar.

We got to see some great Reggae bands (also my favorite.) Mystic Root, Ashes of Babylon and Tribal Seed. No... I'm no doobie smoking pothead. :) I just love Reggae music. It just makes me want to dance. So I did.
Anywho it was so much fun to get around a different place in Austin. There were definitely some interesting folks, but I LOVE to people watch.  Afterwards we went to Kerby Lane and had my fav....EGGS FRANSICO. YUM!.
Its Kerby's queso piled high over an english muffin, scrambled eggs, bacon, avacado and a tomato. HOLY MOLY!

Friday night we had a slumber party at our house. Tony and Willie came over because...well..basically...Tony didn't want to put sheets on his bed and he usually comes over for Saturday or Sunday football anyway. So Tony and I watched foozball Saturday on the couch while Tom was sleeping (he had to work Saturday night BOO!) Then we decided we needed to go watch our Tigers play out our favorite Louisiana support bar in Atx.

We go here a lot, because the always have LSU football on the big projector screen and fellow fans come to have fun with us.
Never mind the wet hair. :) 
Needless to say if you watched the game it was a heart stopper.....Good Lord Les Miles your going to give me a heart attack one day.

I worked Wednesday night and slept all day Thursday. And I woke up to a big box on our living room chair. Still a little blurry eyed I look at Tom (thinking he ordered something!) and ask what it is. He looks at me like I'm crazy and says "I don't know. It has your name on it."


I then see the return address. Nordstrom's. I begin to think of nasty words in my head because I'm going to kick my Mom's tush. I found a dress I loved for Tony and Desiree's Rehearsal dinner, but I have other dresses I could wear and therefore saved the $$$. She helped talk me out of it too...see...

The last part is what got me in trouble.

Guess what showed up on the front door step??

It was a tad big, so I ran to my EXPRESS alterations place....Isn't it precious?!?! The delivery "gift note" read

"Life  is too short. Happy Early Birthday. I love you so much. Mom"

I am the luckiest girl in the world. I have the greatest parents, a wonderful Husband and puppy, and  his family makes me feel so blessed.

So before I left for the mall (Barton Creek - another favorite!) The Honey says "You're going to have buy new shoes too." WHAT?!?!??!?! He said it.....not me. I can't argue with new shoes. Everyone that knows me that shoes and purses are my weakness.

So I do have a cute pair of Jessica Simpson shoes that would probably work and that are precious....
They're very similar to these. 

                                                              but...I found these as well.

Fab or what?? :)

Any is the first day of ACL weekend. We're going to start off this Friday off with Blues Travelers, Pat Green, Amos Lee, Slightly Stoopid, Spoon, Ryan Bingham, and PHISH! I'm stoked.
Ok I'm done after this long winded post.
I'll keep you updated better I promise.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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