Monday, October 11, 2010

Day #2 & #3 = Le Tired

So day #2 was a little rough and ended abrubtly but we started with good intentions.
Look at all those bikes!! 

Day #3. It was a beautiful day.

We got there around 12:30 -1. We dropped in on Pete Yorn and he put on a pretty good chill show. I knew a few songs from high school so that was a walk down memory lane. Honestly I still listen to those same songs from time to time, but I haven't heard much of his new stuff.

The sea of people. 

Lucero was next. Let me start out by saying I've wanted to see them for so long!!!!!!!!! They're from Memphis. Tthey were always in the Little Rock area when I lived in Ttown, but I never got a chance to go. They were sooooo great. They played a lot of stuff I knew and a few I didn't but loved all the same. The best part....The Honey loved it. He gets a little nervous when I pick music because I like such a wide range of it...but he enjoyed it. This made me happy. We had great "seats" This year we thought to bring a blanket and it was the best we would just walk to our stage and find a spot...then pop a squat.

Next we stopped by Beats Antique but didn't stay long because Silversun Pickups was shortly around the corner.  We hung out for Monster of Folk for a bit. I have never heard of them...I let Tom pick this time. It's fun to just pick random people to see. Anywho we stayed for a while but wanted to scope some other peeps out. Afterwards we were starving so we stopped to get some good grub and the best pink lemonade EVER. 

Salt Lick Nachos. YUMMY....the first time. I'm having a hard time even looking at this picture now. 

We were going to head over to Deadmau5 but on our way.....something wasn't sitting just right in my belly. I knew I was gonna call Ralph, but I was too scared to do it in front of people (I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one this weekend) so we headed to the dreaded port a potties. 

These potties look clean and..LOOK! NO LINES!

I did a lot of deep breathing and finally got to the front of my line. I seriously thought I was ok so I decided to at least go in and pee since I waited in line for a good 30 minutes. Well needless to say someone must have POOD right before me because there it was and then...there came the nachos. :) LOVELY PICTURE I've just painted for you. 

Well then The poor Honey had some issues of his own. See his post here. Needless to say we both were miserable and had to high tail it out of there. I feel so sorry for The Honey because peeing/puking in a port a potty is bad enough....Tom wants me to give your a more detailed description of this. For your sake I'm withholding. We're nurses, so we don't care, but you guys don't clean up bodily fluids for a living. :)

So we came home and watched the Tigers come through SOMEHOW once again. I fell asleep around 11:30. I didn't get out of bed until almost 2pm. WHAT???? I don't know what was wrong with me, but I probably could have slept longer.....eek. Any who The Honey peeled me out of bed and we got ready for day #3. We didn't really want to see anyone until 4:00 anyway, so it was nice to sleep in. (The understatement of the year.)

We caught the last half of Robert Earl Keen. I hadn't seen him since high school so it was fun to sing his old songs. My best friend from growing up, Morgan, & I used to love the "Road goes on forever, and the Party never ends!!!" (No we didn't party...EVER! HA).She was there this weekend too so it was fun to reminisce about the good ol' days. 
My life long best friend (since we were three years old)

Rebelution was next, per my bestie Yessica's suggestion. 

She knows me well. They were a fuuuun reggae band and we both enjoyed them. Band of Horses had a great set, as well as Norah Jones.

The best of the evening and pretty close to the weekend (for me) was The Eagles. 
It was just fun, great lighting, AWESOME LIVE performance, and it gave me the goosebumps. My Dad couldn't get over we were watching them live. So I called him hoping to let him hear, but he couldn't hear it as well as we could. :( Maybe one day, if he could get use to the crowds, I could take my Pops to a cool concert like that again. He's the one that has inspired my love for music and it's always been something that we share. He's pretty cool like that. :)

So it was a long, tiring but KICK ASS weekend. On to the next. Wednesday we leave for NOLA for Tony & Desiree's wedding. YAY!!!!!!! That means only two days of work this week. HALLELUJAH!

Lots of Love,
The Boffs.

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