Saturday, October 9, 2010

ACL day #1

So Austin City Limits is an incredibly good time, but just getting there is pretty stressful. Parking is insane.  Tom is totally Type A and I counter that with my (sometimes too much) laid back attitude. You can always tell Tom's attitude totally changes once we get in the car to head downtown. Yesterday we only had to take one exit and do the turn around....and parked on the curb of the access road. :) Everyone else was doing it!! Plus we didn't have to pay $20 for parking and got a little exercise because we had to walk a bit to Zilker Park.

The grass was definitely not as gorgeous as the first day last year due to the rain and mud.
ACL 2009 - Friday

Saturday 2009

Later we found out that this was a lot of poop. :)

But we did get lucky, because the weather is supposed to be perfect all weekend!!!  Yesterday it was  a bit toasty in the high 80s but got down to the high 50s when the sun went down.....thank God we brought a blanket and jackets. 

Tom & I both slept like poo the night before, so it was a tad difficult to get out of bed...but we made it there just in time for Blues Travelers. They were so great. The best part about their set was they had a 15 year old violinist that played while he went crazy on the harmonica.....SHE KILLED IT! It was so incredible. 
Blues Travelers

We also got to see The Kicks, Pat Green, Amos Lee, Slightly Stoopid,Vampire Weekend, and PHISH. 

I was a bit dissapointed in The Kicks. They just didn't put on a great show.

I was trying to count in my head how many times I've seen Pat Green in concert....but he's still just as great EVERYTIME. Tom really enjoyed him too which made me go pitter patter.
Pat Green Circa.....2005-2006???? :)

Amos Lee was AWESOME. I just love the sound of his voice, but he didn't play Tom's fav song - Southern Girl. :(

We left Amos a bit early because he was playing the same time as Slightly Stoopid so we caught then last 20 min of their show. Great show! 

For Slightly Stoopid, Vampire Weekend, and Phish we sat acutally just sat in the same spot. They were are different stages and just turned back and forth when the next show we just happened to be hanging out there with Vampire Weekend. 

I've heard a few of their songs but never really listened to them. They were great! Tom & I kept saying "Wow I really like them." They had a great light show, and their music was a lot of fun to dance to. I'll definitely invest in them on iTunes.

Phish of course was great, but we left about 15 minutes early to beat the crowd. Plus we had to get our car off the curb :) before the traffic was insane. 

Day two: I'm so looking forward to Pet Yorn, Lucero, Silversun Pickups, M.I.A. & Muse. Thank God He blessed this life with music and beautiful weather.. I know I'd go crazy without it. 

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