Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We're not in Kansas/ Florida anymore....

This past weekend I went on my best friend, Desiree's bachelorette celebration to Watercolor/Seaside, Florida.


I've been so busy working in order to be able to take the long weekend off that I haven't been able to post.  I left on Wednesday morning straight from work, scrubs and all. Thanks to my other best friend, Tony (Des's fiancee'/the whole reason I fell in love with Desiree') who dropped me off at the airport. I flew from ATX to Houston Hobby (thank God it wasn't big because I had a 30 min lay over). Then from Houston to NOLA! 

I must say, ever since my bachelorette party/ my first time in NOLA in March....
Singing ' LOVE SHACK' ...yikes

Crawfish. My favorite.

I love that place. I can't wait to take Tom in October for the wedding so he can have a blast. 

Any who.....this bachelorette  partay was NO DIFFERENT! 

So to start the weekend, I arrive in NOLA and PATIENTLY :) wait on my ride to pick me up. 
It's none other than Desiree' and her friend Jamie....we did this so I could ride with them to the beach. I say patiently because I sat on the curb for about 25 minutes and I was kinda afraid to be alone. I'm so used to having such a big burly man to protect me (if you've seen pics of my husband YOU KNOW this is true.) No seriously...I used to be this "WATCH OUT I'm 5'2" and you mess with me, I'll beat you down" Now I'm a bit skid-dish. He takes such good care of me.

Anyway my girls were late, only because they  were picking me up a BLOODY MARY! Des, knows this is one of my favs and she was picking it up after my12 hour shift and a 3 hour (total) flight in style (I still had my scrubs on.)
 OH IT WAS YUMMY. I must say,no matter where in NOLA, they have the best B. Marys. 

After a nap for me and a LONG drive for Jamie & Dez ( where I missed the 1hr dead stop in Mobile, AL)  we finally met up with Allison, Desiree's sis in Seaside. Allison was who actually had the condo and so graciously let us stay with her for the weekend.  The condo was so cute and quaint. It was nothing like the typical bright pink seashell couch with the brightly striped nautical bedspread. It was so modern and up to date...AND AWESOME. 
We were greeted by Joe.  Isn't he silly?? :)

I tried to hang Joe form the ceiling, but I'm short. So he just hung around the condo for the weekend. 

Most of the weekend we hung around Seaside and Watercolor on the beach and checked out all the shops.
One night we went to Destin to a club, AJ's and did the silly veil, sash, and scavenger hunt.


Desiree & Jamie our first day on the beach.
The koozies I had made. SO CUTE.

Bud & Alley's ....we actually ate there twice during our stay..that good and I had something different on both occasions. YUMMY! 

The blushing bride.
"Find a bald guy and kiss him on the head"

Whit, Allison, Dez, & Crystal

Allison, Des's cousin - Ashley (& Baby YOU), Kristen, & Des

"Get a guy to give you his underwear" This guy gave us a part of his.
Jammin with the band.
Does this look  familiar? (from my bach partay)
"Take a pic in the boys BR" " Get a guy to give you his underwear"
Killed two birds with one stone. :) The security guard wasn' t too happy with us. 

Crystal, Allison, Des, & Whit

Last day on the beach before TIGA FOOZBALL! :)

So to end the weekend, my original crew Jamie &  Des had to take me to Panama City airport. Little did we  know that the airport was closed and renamed and moved 20 miles down the road in May. Southwest let me purchase a ticket through this airport,and didn't tell me it moved. We kept driving out in "BFE" saying "where are the planes?" "Where are the airport signs?" "Why is this freaking me out a little?" When we we pulled up to this deserted hanger (think banjo's from Deliverance playing in the background) & an empty parking lot with signs saying "ask Security for further directions"...we got the Barney Fife of security guards who said "I don't know nothing 'bout them GPS and I don't know what to tell you." Needless to say, I call The Honey in a "panic" which means I drop the F bomb 28 times and I'm sort of freaking out.  
Yeah, I said this in sort of this order definitely not without me cussing like a sailor.
Guess what??
We found it. 

In the end, it worked out perfectly. We got to the new airport, I got home to my Honey, and I took my best friend for a nice birthday dinner and Susie's Sushie. YUM!

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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  1. LOVE THIS....you forgot to tell everyone that you YOLO boarded for the first time! AND we rocked at it!!


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