Saturday, September 25, 2010

Things that make me oh so happy....

So tonight I had an incredibly awful shift at work. I worked a princess, which is what we call a 4 hour shift.
 I usually pick these extra shifts up from 3P-7P for just a little extra cash monies. Its short, sweet, and  swift like. That's an alliteration for all you special kids out there. :) Sometimes you don't really have time to do much but to give meds.  You chart a bit here and there to cover your booty....

.....but tonight I didn't have time to pick a booger.

 I left the hospital after 8PM. I was supposed to go to a birthday party for a friend/coworker that I HEART, but we live in BFE. So after having to go home, eat, shower, then drive back to town it would have been after 10. I was too tired and needed a drink so bad. :)

So instead of focusing on how many times I wanted to cry tonight, I'm going to share a few things that make me oh so happy. 

1.My Parents

I got so incredibly lucky to be blessed with  my fun parents. They married young and had my sis and I young.....and 30+ years later they are the cutest freaking things.  I hold them so dear and close to my heart. My dad got a new phone (finally) this week. He's had the Razr for a looooooooong time (yes it still worked) but obviously it was time to put it to rest. So what did he go a get??? An iphone 4. Tonight we got to have face-time. SOOO COOL and super fun. I sat and had my glass of vino after work in the ATX and they were sitting by their pool in TTown.


I love music. I think my taste in music comes from my Dad.... thank God for that. I get a natural high everytime I hear great music. My family loves to call me a hippie flower child so its only natural that I love reggae. Last night we went to see one of my best friend's favorite bands - PEPPER!  We got to see them last night for the third year in a row ( the same amount of time I've lived in Austin). Desiree' was in town so that was fun for sure. 

3. PASTA!!!! 


I don't care what kind...I just love pasta noodles. I don't even care if its just Ramen. I think I have a problem. I had Mama Fu's tonight (to drown my work sorrows in carbs, since The Honey is gone.) and ohhhh my it was delicious. 

4. My puppies. 

One is my "daughter" the other is my "nephew" but they make me feel so loved. Oh my goodness they're precious. 

Even then, Willie would only show us his "good eye"
Miller coming in for the POUNCE

Miller Rayne & One eyed Willie

5: The Roadhouse on KVET

I know I already listed music, but Texas Country music is so different. This just makes me want to dance, cry, and sing at the top of my lungs every time. On of my favorite radio stations plays all the people I used to try to download  music from Napster back in the day. :) 

I love football season. I know my Dad always watched it and my Brother in Law loves it, but I honestly can't tell you where my love began. All  I know is that this girl loves her some 

Cowboy matter how AWFUL they are.


WAIT.. I have a better picture of Mike the Tiger.
Yeah....that's better.
Yes it's real. :)

and I'm definitely learning to love (because they also seem pretty bad this year! :)) THE VIKINGS.

This is a jersey Tom's cousin got me as a wedding gift. :) Tom got one too, but with A. Peterson

Last year I put out a cowboy/Viking Christmas tree. It was pretty fun. :)

6. Pumpkins. 
 I could say I love fall, but I love what pumpkins represent....fall. Ok I just really love pumpkins.

I had my first set of Kerby Lane pumpkin pancakes this morning. DELICIOUS!!!!!! 
Now I can look forward to:

I just looked up a cookie recipe too. I think I'll try THIS soon. YUMMY!

Through out my life I've always had an obsession with some sort of animal. They started with Dalmations then it's elephants. They're all over my house. They're supposed to be good luck. 

One of my favorite pieces of jewelry is a necklace similar to this.

7. The Beatles. :)

My Birthday cake last year (my 25th ) I know I asked The Honey for a football themed/Tigers/Cowboys party....but maybe I need a Beatles cake every year. :) They can all be wearing LSU and Cowboy gear...while singing Strawberry Fields Forever. HAHA 

These are all just a few.

So seven things.
 I'm sure I could think of more, but I decided I would only pick the 7 things I love, to replace the seven times I almost cried at work! 

Noooo it wasn't really seven. 


Four times I nearly cried. 
But now it's too hard to narrow down to four. 

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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  1. I love love love Mama Fu's and pumpkin anything too!! I look forward to Fall every year for the pumpkin stuff!! Yum!!


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