Friday, September 10, 2010

My bestie is leaving me :(

So when I moved to Austin, I really didn't know anyone but Jordana who I moved here with. Jessica started on the floor the same time we did. My first memory of her - She comes into the med room where I am, and says "I'm sorry, but I have really bad gas." She then proceeds to corner me in a room that is like 5' x 8'.....
Back in the day

I totally wouldn't post this for all to see if I honestly didn't think she would tell you the same story. :) So obviously I knew I had to be her friend...and from then on, she's been one of the most honest and nonjudgmental person I've ever met, unless it had to do with Tom pre-dating days. I literally was so scared to tell Jess for about 3 months when he and I started dating because we were supposed to "HATE" him so much. WHOOPS :)

Jessica is moving to Houston (which I'm beginning to hate that has taken two of my best friends. GRR!) and I am sad. Last night we had a going away get together...and had WAY TOO MUCH FUN. We went to one of our favorite bars (They always play the LSU games) and watched the Saints vs. the Vikings.

The original crew. :)
Whoa thee! 
Yeah this guy actually had this shirt on in public. 

Tomorrow is game day! Tony & Willie come over in the morning and spend all day with us. We love being so lucky to have such great close friends.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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