Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I AM pretty good at my job...I needed that.

The last few weeks I've really been struggling with a lot of stress-ors in my life. The biggest, as you all know, is not getting to see my husband for several days out of the week. I take that back, we see each shift change, say "Hi! Love you!" and "Bye!" Last night, one of my friends at work witnessed our quick run in and said "Oh my two are going to make me cry."

After six months, we've gotten used to it, but it doesn't make it any easier.

For the past six months I have begged my manager to go to days. He's pretty wonderful and has been busting his booty to get me there. A few weeks ago I started to have second thoughts.

1.) Night shift differential is a lot a money when you put pen to paper.

2.) I absolutely LOVE the people I work with...there are a few that make me want to stroke out, but some of my best friends are my coworkers.

3.) I hate negativity...I'll leave it at that.

So I prayed.....and prayed....and prayed.....and prayed some more.
I don't think I should go to nights. : /

So of course I talk to Honey, and he giggles at me. I tend to change my mind a lot. :) Then I approached my manger. His feelings were hurt ( I have a pretty kick ass boss) but it actually worked out better for the floor. Long story short....Thomas is going to the night shift!!! YAY!

He starts next week, and I'm pretty stoked.

This week I got to work on the floor, and wasn't in charge. My best friend, Tony, & I switch it up (usually every other week the other is in charge.) so that's nice.

Being in charge of the floor means your "run the show", play Mama Hen, and listen to 20 other employees have something to say about one thing or another. The reason we switch it would go crazy if you didn't.

Anyway, so this week so far I've had a tough group of patients. On the night shift we have a 6:1 ratio. Several of my patients this week have been very sick. It can take a lot out of ya, but at the end of the day....when one or two of them acknowledge that "you have been so great," or "thank you so much" it makes my sore feet and headache seem so minuscule.  When I have certain people dogging my ability as a charge nurse and constant negativity in my ear , it feels damn good to hear a patient say "I love you. Thank you for everything."

Last week I was begging Tom to let me go back to school. I told him I want to learn sign language and major in it...then when people wanted to talk me I could pretend not to hear them and just sign. :) No seriously.

This week.....I'll be a nurse for now. There goes that mind changing thing again. HA.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. love love yall will both be working nights?!?! thats wonderful! i would loooove to work w/ Ryan. the last pic w/ the crazy hair, gloves, and mask is FAAAANTASTIC!

  2. All your posts are soo cute! I've so enjoyed reading and sooo happy you will get to see the hubby more! Yay to night shifts!

  3. Awww you make my heart go pitter patter!! I miss your crazy ass!!!! Hahaha LOVE this Willis!

  4. HEY!! When I first started reading this post (and your blog for my first time) I was right there with you understanding. 2 1/2 year i have been working nights... And Taylor works DAYS! It was very hard for us right after we got married. I guess we are used to it now b/c i am still on night and he is still days! But so glad how it worked out for ya'll. Makes me smile. I keep praying praying things will change!


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