Monday, September 20, 2010

Casserole vs. Hot Dish

Today The Honey woke and said "I'm hungry...I want a BLT." Well me being the southern gal that I am, this made my heart melt. Never in three years I've known this boy to say "BLT." I wasn't too hungry yet so he took it upon himself to make a big fat sandwich.

So in the Bofferding house hold there's always bacon. Tom likes to cook it all at once, put what we don't eat in the freezer, and then nuke it whenever we want it. I promise it doesn't go very fast or we would be as big as houses, but sometimes its a nice little snack!
This is a shirt I got Tom. He really does love bacon.

PS. At the Lavaca St. Bar they serve Bacon, like peanuts or popcorn, on Thursdays. ??? It's glorious.

Any who so the boy cooks up this delicious sandwich and of course I have to have a bite. I usually take little bitty tiny bites, but today I was going in for the kill.

Wait...what's this??? PEANUT BUTTER??? I stare at The Honey in shock. "Love, you put peanut butter on it. You're so supposed to put mustard!!"

 "No you're not, its supposed to be MAYO...but I put peanut butter. Damn Southerners."

Tom and his family put peanut butter on EVERYTHING, but most importantly on hamburgers. Yes hamburgers.  I must say it is delicious, but weird. However, putting it on a BLT....its just blasphemy! :)

Being a girl that has been born & raised in THE South, dated  boys who are from The South....and only know how to hunt, fish, and spit....its been an interesting experience coming into a northern/Minnesotian family! :) I've loved every minute of it.

Some things I have learned:
1.) A casserole is not a casserole...its a hot dish.

2.) A playground or "swing set"in your back yard...ia a big toy.

3.) Tom had never in his life heard of a when you lay blankets and pillows on the floor...its a pallet. He thinks that is hilarious. Weirdo.

4.) In the mid-west they play duck duck grey duck. No...not duck duck goose.

5.) A bagel (bay-gle) is pronounced Bag-el. Like a "bag lady"

6.)When I went to Minnesota to meet all of his family I got the "Ohh she said ya'll. How cute!!" It made me giggle.
7.) Of course everyone knows about the "coke" vs. pop/soda....but the boy doesn't even drink cokes so it doesn't matter much. Yes...I said it. Doesn't drink cokes.

8.) There is not much huntin' and fishin' :)  He has never shot a gun. One night, picture this, my Dad brings out every gun and rifle he owns to just let Tom see. It was so funny. It wasn't the "hurt my daughter and I'll kill you" it was literally so Tom could just hold a gun. He was like a kid in a candy store....which was a bit frightening. To which he proceeds to hold his gun sideways like a gangster. Good Lord. What have I gotten myself into??
Wikipedia has a whole entry about this! LOL 

9.) cracklins....its like crack to Tom. Again with pig and their salty fat. Maybe they don't have hogs/pigs up north. :)

10.) I have never ever in my life heard of this saying. EVER. Now I love to say and it makes me giggle when he says it.  I stole this definition from urban dictionary.

kitty wampus fubar
1.Kitty wampus9 thumbs up
The state of an object being physically different or normal then expected, especially related to geometric alignment.
(1) Whoa dude, that truck ahead of us is going down the road like a crab. The rear axel is totally kitty wampus.

(2) The new door we hung is kitty wampus. The top corner isn't flush with the door jamb, and the door won't even close.

So needless to say, day to day is always an adventure and I love it. Life is pretty good these days. Tom is on his first night shift tonight. YAY! I work the next three and then Des is in town! YAY!

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. hahahaha this had be laughing out loud! I've NEVER heard of peanut butter on a BLT!! interesting. There is a hambuger joint here with a PB burger though...I've not had it. That shirt is awesome.

  2. too funny. i love northeners (sp?). my biggest issue is pen (like the writing utensil)..a northern friend of mine says pan..not like a cooking sheet but like pAn i dunno its hard to explain but we fight about it all the time! ;)

  3. At least he doesn't make sausage and peanut butter toast like his dad used to =0)...although I have to admit it was pretty good.

  4. Seriously... peanut butter on a BLT? He must be crazy! My vote is definitely for the casserole.. Never a hot dish. That just feels weird typing.

  5. I've met people before who put PB in thier chilli, which is weird to me. They were from Iowa. And I've always called it catty wampus, not kitty wampus, but it has the same meaning. :-) (I'm a KY girl).

  6. Peanut butter is not a northern thing. NO one else does it. Only tboff.


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