Saturday, August 7, 2010

Welcome to the Love Boat

So I haven't been able to blog much lately. I must say I get that urge to get on here and share my every day updates pretty frequently. This makes me happy because, I really wanted to think this was something I could keep up with (I hate quitting) and secondly it is such an escape!!!
So we've been out of town THREE weekends in a row! Anyone that knows me, knows I'm such a home body...I just love to be at my sweet home and SEE The Honey for once! However our weekend outings have all been for the people we LOVE! I posted on our Minnesota weekend. This post is about our weekend in Hot Springs, AR. It's a place where I got to grow up as a kid on many weekends. The city is amazing, downtown has really cool shopping, and Lake Hamilton is sooooooo gorgeous. This is where my cousin was married in July.

My cousin, Christopher, is married! YAY!

On my Mom's side of the fam, there are four of us that are only 10 months apart. So my Mom, her little brother, and two sisters were all expecting all around the same time. You can imagine what that was like growing was actually the girls that were so awful. We were all picking sides and putting one against the others. Chris was the only boy so basically he could care less who was mad at who. For the last 25 years he has put up with all of us girls and it was pretty awesome to get together and see him so happy.
The rehearsal dinner was on The Belle. It was lots of fun and we got to see an incredible sunset.
Kason & I having too much fun on The Belle. 

My sister and her precious fam.

The Chapel where Chris & Lacey were married. Isn't it incredible??

My gorgeous cousin, Jillian.
My new cousin! YAY! 
The reception at my Aunt LeeAnn & Uncle Buddy's lake house. 
I just loved these trees with the tea lights.
The Honey. OH I LOVE HIM! 
He makes me go pitter patter.

There is a hilarious story behind this....but to save MY MOTHER from reliving it.....I'll hold on to that story. :)

The Honey took most of these pics. He's pretty darn good. I LOVE this one.

In Hot Springs, my parents rented a lake house that was absolutely incredible. So during the day before we had to get "all handsome", as my nephew Kason would say, we could to lounge in the lake at the rent house or at my Aunt & Uncles house.

So we spent Wednesday through Saturday at the lake. Then we drove back to Texarkana to have "The Party." It was basically for all of those who couldn't make it to the lake. IT was so nice to get the family together, AGAIN...but after partying Wednesday-Friday....the 4th party was pretting intimidating! We, of course, powered through. :) It was a blast.
The Honey, my sweet cousin Laura & me.

Dear Lord, Thank you for giving me such incredible and precious parents. Amen.

Chris's Pops cutting a rug with his nieces.

I am so blessed to have a crazy, big, dysfunctional family. I'm even more blessed to have a husband that excepts and LOVES those big crazy goons. As I've posted before, my grandmother was the glue that held us together...We really hope we're making her proud by continuing to influence each other and most of LOVE one another.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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