Monday, August 16, 2010

Welcome to Lake Chuck....the Louisiana version of Ttown.

Tom & I's best friends, Tony & Desiree are getting married in October. We're both in the wedding and couldn't be happier for two wonderful crazy friends.  A little background on these two....
One of their engagement pics.

Tony is one of my first friends I made in Austin. He was a preceptor on the floor I work on and asked my roomie and I to go celebrate his 25th birthday one evening. He hasn't been able to get rid of me since. :)
Yeah, why wouldn't I pick this guy as a best friend in a new town?!?!

Tom knew Tony as well and can be blamed for me actually giving him a chance. HA! After about a year of me living in Austin and going out with Tony and all our other friends....he kept inviting Tom along. Me not liking Tom very much I kept getting onto Tony asking "WHY DO YOU KEEP INVITING HIM TO COME OUT???"

Of course Tony convinced me that "he's not that bad," and sure enough....he wasn't!

Desiree'  was Tony's "ex" girlfriend when I first came around, so of course I only heard one side of the story. I didn't like her one bit, me being the friend that I am! :) Well, Tony being the SMART man that he is, decided that he would bring Desiree' on a group/couples trip to Port Aransas, Tx.

 I was not very happy about this (yes I'm pretty well known for putting my opinion out there for all to see) and told him so. Well of course.....I loved her. You can't help but love this feisty little NOLA girl, accent and all. She is now a dear friend that I hold so close to my heart and can't imagine my life with either one of them.

So we went to Lake Charles, LA a few weeks ago to celebrate their first couples shower! It was so much fun meeting all of their family and friends. Plus I got to meet all the fellow bridesmaids and start to plan what shenanigans we'll be up to at her bachelorette party in Florida the first of September.

I've got to say one of the greatest places we got to go see was Darrell's where they have THE BEST SANDWICHES. MMMM!

Here's a few pics from the partay.

The groom to be seems pretty happy! 
Tina B - Tony's mama! 
Our lovely hostess.

That's, two, three, four.....FIVE icechests. These people LOVE to tailgate! 

Our luau pig! 

The lovely bridesmaids.

I will say, we had to leave Miller at the house for two days...all by her lonesome. This is the FIRST time in the almost two years she's been here that we had to leave her alone. My brother & sis in law came to let her out of course, and even played a bit :) but we still missed her. We're pathetic.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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