Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why are you here AGAIN?

This is a phrase one doesn't really want to hear upon entering to any place. When your co-workers say that one by one....You start to develop a complex. Tom & I are becoming work whores. :)

First off let me say, being a nurse is all I've ever wanted to be. I've always wanted to care for the sick.  I think it's such a great feeling when you can be such a huge part of some one's vulnerable life. At times they appreciate you for it, sometimes you make them feel better, sometimes you LISTEN to them and they feel heard, and sometimes you cry with them.  One of Tom's favorite sayings is "I rocked it," when you ask him how his day went. It's awesome going to that time clock, punching out and thinking....Wow. I did something really great today. Granted, there are nurses that don't feel that, and it makes me sad for them, because I think our job is one of the MOST rewarding jobs there is spiritually. I feel so much closer to God just being in the health care field.

Another wonderful thing about nursing is 12 hour shifts. I know, I know...12 hours sounds LONG.  How it works, you're on three days a week and have 4 off. If you do it right, you can have almost a week off without taking time off.  So you work you're butt off for a few days....and then you get to play!!! Tom & I love to enjoy ourselves, which may seem hard to believe reading the beginning of this blog.

Tom & I got engaged April 3,2009. We were on cloud nine. In the year that followed, many others were on cloud nine!! We have been invited to SO MANY WEDDINGS & PARTIES. Many of these invites are our very close friends, therefore we want to be there for them as they were there for a us through out the course of our engagement and wedding!! This next weekend we were invited to THREE weddings. So many weddings and parties means traveling. Traveling means $$$....well then we have to work more. :(

So Wednesday I left work at 7:30AM, I was in bed asleep by 9, and woke up at 1 and I was back at 2:30 PM. It was Tom's day off, but when I left he was calling the hospital seeing if anyone could use him for a few hours. As soon as I walked on the floor , I get that look like I'm nuts. I think we might be. Yet, I walk into my patients rooms and "I rocked it" to the best of my ability.

Another reason we need the cash flow is we have bought ourselves all new bedroom furniture! YAY!! We've been using mine that I've had since  I was 14 (I think). It comes on Saturday along with our king sized mattress. I'll post pics soon.  We are both so excited.

Until then, we've got Willie this weekend (Miller's brother/our best friends dog). Two, less than two year old labs....pray for us.

The Boffs

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