Sunday, July 4, 2010

We Love our Dates.

Last night we had a date night. We actually had several options: 
1) Neighborhood block party 
2) Coworker's party. 
3)Date night.

With Tom working 12 hour days and me working 12 hour nights....are time together seems to win out on our being with other people. We spend a majority of our week making other people feeling better and comforting their families...Sometimes our little fam needs extra attention.  Since Tom & I both have parents that have been married for 30 plus years....we take great pride in making sure we follow suit. Don't get me wrong, friends and family are important, but the heart of those starts with us. 

For our date night I actually put on make- up and fixed my hair! :) Again, with 12 hour shifts importance is focused on SLEEP and not on appearance. I'm sure my patients would appreciate looking at something pretty and put together, but with lack of sleep I'd rather not be putting a suppository in someones ear.

I went shopping for a few bargains the other day so I couldn't wait to wear something for my hot date!
I got a super cute dress from Charming Charlie's in Cedar Park. It's light weight  ( A MAJOR PLUS IN CENTRAL TEXAS!) and most importantly would go with my boooots!

So I've been looking for these boots since before the wedding. I finally got them, but haven't had anything to wear them with.  Tonight I was sporting them for my honey!

Tom was being super cute and wanted to try something "FUN" as we say...we decided on something we haven't tried out yet.

   It's at The Domain here in Austin (of of my favorite places to shop and a awesome variety of OUR favorite restaurants.) 
        It was super cool. You walk in to order your tickets, they then sit you down at or around the bar, and let you order a drink. I got the mojito and it was FABULOUS!  You take a look at the menu before you go into the theater so you're not in the dark searching and not disturbing your neighbors. They then escorted us in to the theater that may hold a hundred people. It's small but so COZY! Those orange chairs actually recline,and the arms open up so the ladies can put their purses in them. The table at the center has a button, so whenever you need ANYTHING, they're bring it to you.  SO COOL. 
    Tom and I tend to have eyes bigger than our bellies, but we're super bad about eating only once or twice a day. So we both had only snacked going in, but we knew if we wanted to order more food that we just push our handy call button and they come down to serve you whatever! We ordered the chicken salad wrap as an appetizer, but it could have easily served as a meal. IT WAS DELICIOUS! Then we ordered a chicken ciabatta sandwich with homemade potato chips. Again, yummy. 

I've been so excited about the cinema itself I forgot to tell you what we went to see. 
It was pretty good. Lots of action for the boy, and Bradley Cooper for me. 
All in all, a great experience. 

       In health care your work week begins on Sunday. So the beginning of another obstacle course for the Boffs, being that we have to figure out when we'll see each other. We're both working extra to make up for all the wedding trips and furniture we're buying this summer. Our Fourth of July will be spent taking care of others but we always keep in mind that it could be one of our own laying in that bed. 

Happy Fourth of JULY!
The Boffs

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