Thursday, July 8, 2010

tboff's first post...

So, this was Miller for almost two hours tonight.  Apparently her and Willie (her brother whom we are dog sitting for our best friend for the weekend) finally got tired enough that Miller decided to wander off for some Miller time.  No, not the beer, rather she found Willie's cage, crawled inside, and slept for the next two hours.  Willie on the other hand remained out in the living room sleeping on the couch.  It took some work but I got Miller to come join us out in the living room, where she promptly fell asleep in my lap.  Willie barely seemed to care, moving just enough to switch from one couch to the other...

This is my first attempt at the blog thing... Whit is out working... As you can probably tell by the previous post, that seems to be all we do these days.  Our schedules have been really tough to manage lately.  Being newlyweds that barely see each other has been a challenge.  We are fighting to get Whitney to day shift ASAP so that we can start working similar hours and shifts and hopefully enjoy a few days off a week together.

For those who hadn't heard, I have returned to the floor nurse gig after a brief stint in a more of a Nursing Informatics Leadership role. I was the COMPASS (our hospital's computerized charting system) Site Coordinator. The administrative role was a great experience for me.  I met some very hard working people and some great leaders that work in our hospital network.  However, priority number one is, and always will be, my wife. 
The job and our lives just weren't matching up well enough.  In addition, I'll be going back to school this fall to get my master's degree and returning to floor nursing will allow me to have greater flexibility in my scheduling to accommodate school.

 I will be attending Loyola University New Orleans Online program to get a Master's of Science in Nursing (MSN) with a focus in Health Care Systems Management this fall.
If all goes well I'll finish in two years flat.  The hope is that I will be able to use the floor experience I've had, the administrative experience I've had, and the University education to start back up the administrative ladder.

There always seems to be something new around the corner with us... stay posted... I'm off to bed, 4E in the morning!


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