Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Southern Gal in the Midwest.

So one of the many events Tom & I had the pleasure of being a part of was in MINNESOTA last weekend. It's fun getting to see where The Honey came from. Tom was the best man in his best man's wedding.

HAHA I love this picture of Tom & Jonathan at our wedding.

First I have to say I had only met Jonathan once before our wedding. When he & Allison showed up in TTown....they won everyone's hearts. They are just truly good people.  Tom knew he had biiiig shoes to fill after wonderful Mr. Bahe  and the then Miss Rockwell took such good care of us at our wedding.

We got to Minneapolis on Thursday/ The Cities to all the Minnesotians out there:) Hey I'm trying to learn the lingo. I use "hot dish" and "kittywampus" from to time. I have started a Bofferdingisms, which is something my sweet sis in law made up for all the silly things those Bofferdings say. That'll be for another post.  

Anyway we got there around lunch. I had worked the night before, so I was going on like two hours of airplane sleep. So not much. The boys had to do the tux thing so I got a nap in on our king sized "Sleep Number" bed....that didn't work. I was so tired I just didn't care that I was sleeping in a big hole. I was then slowly (he has learned I'm a BIT grouchy when I wake up. I use "a BIT "quite loosely. haha) woken up by The Honey because we had a TWINS game to get to. WHOO HOO! It was technically the bachelor party, but I tagged along and sat in another section because ....
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? It was a MLB Twins game, of course I was going. :) I even got to see Joe Mauer stretching in center field before the game.

                               I came to sit with the boys at the end of the game. :)

After the game, we taxied over to Sally's the neighborhood University Bar across from the hotel. When we walked in there were beer pong tables....this made me smile. Apparently binge drinking is encouraged at the University of Minnesota. Those Gophers must really know what's up!

I soon left the boys to party it up because I definitely needed some beauty sleep.

The next day was the rehearsal/grooms  dinner at Annie's. Talk about some yummy hamburgers & milkshakes. My lactose intolerance didn't hold up so well after that Butterfinger Malt, but wowsa it was yummy.

We got to bed early to prepare our hearts, minds & livers for the Special Night.  Tom was busy doing Best Man duties so I had the honor of having a HOT DATE, Joe. Joe was also a groomsman at our wedding and luckily decided to put his party pants on for another round.

Yes that Joe's party pants backing it up at our wedding. 

Those are the same party pants taking a shot of Patron with the groom at the Bahe/Rockwell wedding. :)

                     Their wedding was so sweet and a blast! Here are a few more pics.
Isn't this incredible?? It's the chapel!

The skyline from the reception.

The wedding party

                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Bahe

Soon will be a post from the McCulloch & Upton wedding in Hot Springs, AR. After four days of partying, my liver enzymes must go down before I can think clearly enough to post that one.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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