Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Oh my gosh....we're like grown ups."

I never knew I would enjoy decorating our new home as much as I have. My Mom always used to tell me when she would DRAG me shopping, ONCE AGAIN, "When it's your own home, you will love decorating." She was right. It is so much fun, but it gets me in trouble. :)

So today, what we've been waiting for since the first of May... FINALLY arrived! 
 Our brand new bedroom furniture! 
All day long we kept saying, it's weird...we're excited about bedroom furniture. We're like grown ups. :) 

We have been looking since we moved into the house last September, but nothing jumped out at us. We finally looked at Hemispheres in Cedar Park, and fell in love immediately. It was the only set that Tom & I had agreed on. With the money we got from our wonderful family & friends at the wedding we said, like we do in our family, "DONE!" 

No, I take that back. Mr. Impatient/needs instant gratification almost didn't want to buy it because we couldn't take it home that day. I tend to get my way from time to time. 
This is him waiting, at the window, for the guys to come this morning. If only I could have gotten a video of his song and dance. 

    Another reason we were so excited about our new furniture is because it meant a KING sized bed. My parents got us our comforter set for our wedding gift, but we haven't used it since we still had a Queen sized mattress. I would love to pretend that the reason we didn't have a king is because we wanted new furniture first....but I can't tell a lie. 
      We have a black lab, Miller, who thinks she is human. She sleeps in between the both of us, or to my left so I'm sandwiched in. Her head is on a pillow, she is under the covers....and she moans and groans if you move too much.  It's normally not so bad because Tom & I aren't in the bed at the same time...working different shifts and all. However on the few occasions we all three are in the bed, for whatever reason I'm the one that suffers. The little hooker paws me in the face, lays on top of me, wakes me up constantly...its like she's saying "Look, either you go or I go...and I'm obviously not going anywhere. So after almost two years of suffering we upgraded to a king sized mattress over a 60 lb DOG! We love her though.

So Tom had to wait around the house, as you saw, for the guys to come and I had to go run a few errands/shop at my favorite bargain stores. We needed new pillows and things for the bed, and I needed to look for something to wear to the weddings we have going the next couple of weekends. I had too much fun! I went to Ross for Less and found a few nick knacks and pictures frames. I also went toTJMaxx, my fav, and found more decor items, some pillows, and an awesome new robe. 

Here is our new pretty that we are so proud of.
The Before and the old furniture. It's now in our guest bedroom. That's my next project I'm itching to get my hands on. :) Tom is thrilled. 

Tom is taking up most of those drawers, which means he is out of the closest almost completely. It's not that I have too many clothes ( I do) but the problem is I can't reach my shoes. :) The Honey has to come in there anytime I need a pair of heels at the top of my closet. I'm jumping up and down trying to reach for the ones stacked on the very top. I think he just gets tired of me cussing like a sailor when about four shoe boxes fall on my head. It's not pretty.
Note the elephant. There are a lot of these in our home. I love them. Tom thinks is a little obsessed, but I can't help it if I find a pretty one! They are supposed to be good luck...I think so far we've been pretty darn lucky! :)
               Any decor tips are welcome! 

We have a few pictures we want to hang on the wall and some gorgeous tortoise shell sconces. I can't wait for my partner in crime, my Mom, to come visit and have another decorating session. :)

Obviously we were new to the blog scene. For a few years I've started them and never kept up or even made a post on one. I used to love to write, so I think its a great stress release. So yes I'm feeling right at home here in blog world, but The Honey.....oh my, HE LOVES IT. He asked me tonight to "Please post our new furniture on the blog tonight? I'll read it in the morning before work." I think it will be fun for us both to get to post from time to time....we're so busy these days we shouldn't have a hard time finding things to post. Until the next time...

Lots of Love,
The Boffs.

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